Flickr will end 1TB of free storage and limit free users to 1,000 photos

Flickr was purchased in April by the professional photo hosting service SmugMug, and today, the first major changes to new ownership have been announced. There is a serious downgrade for free users, which is now limited to 1,000 photos on a photo sharing site instead of the previously free 1TB storage.

In a press release announcing changes to Flickr, "Unfortunately, the free & # 39; free & quot; service is virtually free to the user, who pays his data or time. This is not ideal for free users with over 1,000 photos.

Free with over 1,000 photos or videos. Users will be upgraded to Pro or surplus content by January 8, 2019. After January 8, free users with more than 1,000 photos or videos will no longer be able to upload, and will still be restricted on February 5, 2019. Will be removed until the active content of your free account exceeds 1,000 (starting with the oldest content)

Flickr will be offering Flickr Pro services for $ 49.99 over the next few months, with unlimited photo and video resolutions for unlimited storage for paid customers, no ads, additional data on photo performance, "best" customer service , Up to 10 minutes (instead of 3 minutes), and Adobe, Smugmug, Peak Design, etc.

Flickr will save 30% off the first year of Flickr Pro by November 30,

All user-paid and free-of-charge, which can be the most beneficial quality of life change from January, do not have to log in to Flickr anymore via Yahoo.

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