Flickr promises it won’t delete Creative Commons photos when it limits free storage

Last week Flickr released several major changes to the way free service for its new owner SmugMug works. We have set a limit of 1,000 for free accounts on behalf of 1TB of storage that was previously provided. Accounts that exceed that limit on February 5, 2019 will be deleted until they return below that number.

What about Flickr's huge library of Creative Commons pictures?

In today's blog post, Flickr must ensure that freely licensed photos are safe under new restrictions. The content will not be removed for more than 1,000 photos or videos licensed as Creative Commons. This means that if you do not pay for your Pro account, Flickr will block future uploads to that account on January 8th.

This rule was uploaded with Creative Commons license before the deadline. You will not be lucky if you want to move all of your content in February to the Open Creative Commons license and limit / delete up to 1,000 photos coming soon.

Flickr also begins working with nonprofits to provide free hosting. A new hosting company, SmugMug, has already done this. Organizations such as the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and Second Harvest have already used Flickr to share pictures of their surprises. We will now work together to ensure that the pros do not have to worry about the costs. "

The company also announced that it was the Flickr Commons program (NASA, National Park Service, UK) to provide open source archives or governmental content. Organizations such as archives and the UK Library should not be affected by the new rules as part of this program because the participating organizations already have a Pro account or have a free Flickr account so it is safe in January. 19659009]

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