FlexTime lets you pretend you’re friends with Post Malone and Kim Kardashian

FlexTime wants to help others look cooler than tricks by letting them believe that they are friends with celebrities like Post Malone and Billie Eilish.

This app allows you to simulate FaceTime calls using clips from various live streams and Instagram articles published over the last year. Clips are saved using the default screen recorder and then played with standard FaceTime calls that users can interact with to create their own video.

This idea began as a possible stunt for the Brooklyn-based creative agency MSCHF. Daniel Greenberg speeded up by saying that FaceTime began to realize the importance of FaceTime for a generation, saying The Verge .

"Millennials is about text messaging," says Greenberg, who is now being replaced by an aging generation by current generation of young people. "

FlexTime is Mel Magazine is a" voluntary, self-assertive " FaceTime ". The new trend is mainly for people under 25 years old. Rather, it's a good idea to call your friends from FaceTime or ask questions instead of text messages. (I am 27 years old and can teach my mother the text to avoid any kind of vocal communication).

The popularity of video calls represents a break-up between generations, but it's also possible to use apps like Gen Z Instagram and Snapchat as musicians, People and celebrities are dealt with. Artists such as Post Malone and Lil Peep start a random Instagram live stream several times a week to chat with fans instead of posting carefully curated posts or photo captions. The former is more primitive and practical, and the latter is more superficial and traditional.

Teenagers talk face-to-face with their friends on a rectangular phone and experience their favorite influencers alike. FlexTime suffers from this desire by allowing people to create fantasies and participate like favorite artists and celebrities to friends and strangers who are part of the world.

According to Greenberg, it is a two-way street. People who download apps want to be able to trick their friends or create funny videos, but those who are influential are also benefiting. Five Instagrams and YouTube Influencers – FlexTime such as KushPapi, Milan Mirabella, Tydus Talbott, Bryce Hall and Joey Birlem are working to create individual landing pages where fans can use exclusive simulated FaceTime conversations.

All five influential people have more than 10 million followers and subscribers on various platforms. Their experience depends on active and engaged fans and is a way for fans to maintain active social and psychological relationships while maintaining intimacy with creators or celebrities. "Some celebrities and influencers have found this to be a tremendous value," Greenberg said in The Verge in The Verge . "The team worked with the creators we created earlier and said, [19659010] "It's always FaceTiming as I get older."

FlexTime is designed to be fun to play with, but as a result of edited video used for malicious purposes, I raise an important question about. You can use it and use it. Greenberg said the team had thought about how the tool could be used by bad actors during the one-year development cycle. If he wants to edit a misleading citation, such as The Verge that someone is maliciously using the real world, his team will not be able to "harm the reputation of a celebrity or influencer" I have investigated the audio. " audio.

"Let's say we did not say anything in the celebrity's video and nodded their heads with consent," Greenberg said. "In this case, someone can make an incredibly racist video, and celebrities nod what they agree with. We think that and we do not have any videos in that category. I've been thinking about all the ways this could go wrong and I've acted on it. "But once an app gets popular, some users can actually find ways to exploit the system. FlexTime's development team can not predict everything .

FlexTime is now available. There is a browser version available for everyone, but people can not share their own recordings. The mobile version also exists through a third-party app called Monkey. People can share their recordings directly to Instagram or Twitter. There are about 25 celebrities to choose from in the browser version, and about 40 in the mobile app. Greenberg expects more celebrities and influencers to be added soon.

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