Five questions about 5G, answered

There is actually a lot of 5G drug addiction. Actually, it is much more complicated than switching to 4G. In addition to complex technical questions about millimeter waves and modems, there are geopolitics, trade wars, massive lawsuits among technology battalions, and empty buildings in Wisconsin.

The Verge – Here you can find 5G service. However, if you would like to read a quick primer on the situation where 5G phones are being sold in stores and placing orders for 5G in the White House [19659003] 1. Should I buy a 5th generation phone this year?


Why not?

There is little network and only in some cities. Nonetheless, they only work well in certain blocks, and nevertheless need a field of view. Still, LTE upload speed is still maintained.

Oh. Maybe I need to buy a 5G phone now because I need a phone now. I do not want to be useless if I stay for a few years. Is it a good idea?

No. Please do not do that. First-generation mobile phones using new cellular technology are generally very bad. They are inefficient monsters that suck big batteries. This year could be a little different because [Samsung Galaxy S10 5G] at $ 1,400 seemed unsightly. But even in the greatest case, you need to use a phone with a lot of money to access the network that is falling from the ground.

Even if a miracle happens and the network spreads faster than someone expects, the modem inside the phone may not be very close to the second network. Or a third-generation modem will be available next year and next year. Qualcomm currently manufactures 5G modems for all mobile phones in the United States and announces new modems at almost the same speed as the current ones.

(You know that? I count three questions as one question.) When I first saw 5G in 2018, the answer was "no." The answer in 2019 is "no." There is no promise that the answer will be different at that point. So what are 5G hype?

There are many reasons. Cynical reasons include: Phone sales in the US are really slowing down and the entire smartphone industry is looking for ways to bring consumers to an expensive upgrade.

If 5G works, there is a legitimate reason. With really fast ultra-low latency, we can enable many amazing new technologies that we have not thought of yet. When you have a smartphone every day, think about when you know something smart someone could do with a mobile phone.

Many people are expecting another wave of such innovation. Rather, many are hoping to make a lot of money by convincing others that another wave of innovation is about to happen. However, a 5G network may not be as well, because it is more difficult to build than a 4G network. They need more cell sites, and signals can not easily punch the building. So all promises of innovation are either too optimistic or totally void. Wow. Is it cynical again?

Well, the truth is that there's a lot of cynicism about 5G. The company is now exaggerated. The huge gap between 5G and the actual number of 5G products and services we can test is huge. And in the gap, I do not have much to do and I am waiting and wondering.

3. I have heard that everything is with Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, 5G. What happened there?

There is a series of sentences that indicate the fact that you need to be connected below, but this is not necessarily the case. As you read, understand that there are two ways of interpreting. One: The way technology works in this age is an intricate and complex interplay between monstrously complex proprietary giants, and sometimes a strange coincidence occurs. 2: There is a vast 5G plot.

Do you need to connect these points? Some of them probably! But maybe not all of them. But everything happens to answer that question.

4. Why was the US government so angry about Huawei and 5G?

The Chinese government's concerns about Huawei are now ahead of the trade war with China. However, you can always connect if you like. However, even if a US carrier sells Huawei phones in the US, do not try too hard because many other Chinese companies are still selling phones here.

Huawei is the equipment used in the network infrastructure world is much cheaper than its competitors. There is concern that Huawei is too close to the Chinese government and that all networking equipment is a security risk. The argument is that Huawei is violently denying, and we have yet to see concrete evidence.

Does that mean you can definitely trust Huawei? It is hard work. Other countries are also using this equipment and many rural American companies are also looking for it. The old phrase "The absence of evidence is no proof of absence" applies here. In particular, many of the US government's officials have been quite firm about not trusting Huawei. There is another problem related to prosecuting Huawei's CFO for fraud charges.

One thing to be certain is that these conflicts are getting bigger.

5. What is Foxconn's Wisconsin plant that is associated with "AI 8K + 5G"?

Foxconn has pledged to build a factory to create TVs to create jobs. But the plan has changed and everything is very strange and very complicated. Foxconn has begun to see it all look shady. So Foxconn admitted that he was not building factories. Instead, it said it would create many jobs for the biggest things happening in technology. It is a combination of three forward-looking acronyms. As mentioned earlier, 5G has many exaggerated expressions around it.

By the way, in order to make everyone feel better about this strange and ever-changing business, Foxconn bought many buildings. (They said they were not empty, but they were empty.)

6. My AT & T phone says "5G E" in the corner. Does that mean 5G now?

Not. AT & T is lying to you with an icon, and your phone making company is trying to help it. For the record, 5G E is not actually considered 5G because it is not 5G. (I also want to keep the headline as "Five Questions" because it is around 5G.)

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