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Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear & # 39; s Pizza. Both children and parents come to enjoy entertainment and food in the snow and on the street! 5 nights + mod apk free download android latest version from Freddy's v2.0. Download Full APK for Five Nights in Freddy & # 39; s v2.0 + Mod

Overview and features of Five Nights in Freddy & # 39; s v2.0 + Mod

Freddy & # 39; s v2. Before you download Five Nights from 0+ Mod APK, you can read: A brief overview and list of features follows.

Overview: Welcome to Freddy Fazbear & # 39; s Pizza's new summer job. Both children and parents can enjoy entertainment and food as long as they can see!

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Of course, the main attraction is Freddie Paz Beer. His two friends. They are Annitronic robots, programmed to please the crowd! But at night, the robot's behavior became somewhat unpredictable, so it was much cheaper to hire a guard than find a repairman.
In a small office, you should look carefully at security cameras. The amount of power available per night is very limited (cutting corporate budgets, as you know). It means you run out of power for longer security doors and no longer lighting during the night! If Freddybear or his friend is not in the right place, if something is not right, you need to find that item on the monitor and protect yourself if necessary!
“All the simplicity of the game's control and premise, the night of 5 Freddie is scary. A great example of how to create a terrible experience using the cleverness of design and subtlety. Simple still images and proper character design steal the show in this game and show that Scott Cawthon knows a lot about the secret fears people feel when they see creepy dolls and toys. How to plant horror is a must for anyone who loves elegant and scary games. ”-Joel Couture
What's New
Scott Cawthon and Clickteam have an excellent version of Five Nights at Freddy & # 39; s. I brought it. mobile!
– Remastered version on PC version
– High resolution graphics and visual effects
– Cheat mode becomes a survival kit and includes additional cheats (in-app purchases).
– UI ergonomic improvements
– Various bug fixes and improvements
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