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Fitvate – Gym Workout & Fitness Trainer, Easy-to-use Mobile Workout Planner App Fitvate Gym Workout Trainer Fitness Coach Plan v3.5 [Mod] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full APK for Fitvate Gym Workout Trainer Fitness Coach Plan v3.5 [Mod].

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Overview: Fitvate – Gym Workout and Exercise Trainer, Easy to Use Mobile Workout Planner App

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Start a gym tour or take it to the next level The perfect app to train your fitness!
Fitvate helps you achieve great results in a short time. Use our workout plan as a personal trainer and see your body improve faster! This app includes an extensive workout database for all muscles, with detailed descriptions and videos for each workout. In addition, our app offers bodybuilding, fat loss, mass gain, power lifting and gain strength workout routines. Why pay directly to expensive instructors?
★ Features:
● No internet connection required.
● Beginner, intermediate and professional workout routines designed by professionals
● Support more than 300 workouts with HD offline video in app
● Act as your own personal trainer
● Sharp workout videos, crisp Workout Photos
● Workouts at all levels
● Create your own custom workout routines
● List of workouts that are most effective for all muscle groups
● Ability to select units of measure (kgs or pounds).
● Easily search for workouts using the search feature
● Features such as the ability to add workouts to your favorites list
● Text commands with photos and videos for each workout
● Get workout reminders Custom
● Receive health tips regularly. Health, diet, exercise and bodybuilding, supplements, fitness, exercise and more.
● Record your training progress automatically.
● Offline workout videos from professional bodybuilders demonstrate the right skills and movements with detailed explanations.
● The perfect fitness solution for the gym: everything you need to stay in shape and stay in shape!
● Anytime, anywhere workout
★ Multiple muscle workouts
Our app includes the following body muscle workouts:
– Chest workout
– Biceps workout
– Shoulder workout
– Thigh Workout
– Leg Workout
– Triceps Workout
– Wing Workout
– Waist Workout
– Abdominal Workout, 6 Pack Workout.
– Forearm Workout
– Hip Workout
– Trap Workout
– Calf Workout
– Cardio Workout
★ Challenge
Beat yourself and reach the goal suggested by Fitvate. Get the best training with these exercises.
– 100 Push-Up Challenge
– 50 Pull-Up Challenge
– 300 Squat Challenge
– 300 Sit-Up Challenge
– 150 Lunch Challenge
– 5 KM Challenge Execution
– 40 Minutes Challenge Execution
★ Workout Plan
Our exercise program includes detailed information on exercises such as sets, reps, loads, and rest
Adhering to goal-oriented exercise routines and training programs. Your body changes in just a few weeks.
Bodybuilding Plan
– Dumbbell-only Full Body Workout
– Powerful Exercise Training
– Exercise for Beginners
– Complete Program for Beginners
– Chest and Back Exercise Routines
– Home based abs workout
– large bicep blasting workout
– picking biceps build
– beginner triceps workout
– large arm fast
– blast and pump arm workout
– back wing increase
– Muscle Back Muscle Rotation
– Intense Back Exercise
– Beginner Shoulder Exercise
– Shoulder Making Like Shoulder Exercise
– Plateau Rupture Chest Exercise
– Bench Most Days
– Killer Chest Gain Workout
– Workout Routine for Fitness
Fat Loss Plan
– Fat Destroyer Program Completed
– Fat Burner Workout Pro RAM
– Body Fat Blaster
– Get L ean & Shredded Physique
– Ten Weeks on Shredded Muscle
Mass Gain Plan
– Maximum Mass Workout
– Top and Bottom Mass Gain Program
] – Mass Building Program
Weight Lifting Plan
– Beginner Quick Start Workout Plan
– Total Weight Lifting Workout
Strength Strength Plan
– Strength and Mass Beginner Workout
– Maximum Strength Workout
New Features:
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Mode Info:
● Unlock premium features.
● Analytics / Crashlytics has been disabled.
● Optimized graphics /Zipalign.
● Debug information has been removed.
There are no ads in this app

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