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First Fishing is a new mobile casual fishing game from Purple Ocean by Mobirix. First Fishing Check out guides, tips, cheats and strategies

First Fishing is the latest fishing game from Power Fishing’s creators. Travel around the world to complete the fish collection in the game. In each region, you need to find lots of fish to get valuable rewards such as item upgrade coupons, style exchange tickets, and premium gear. Master Cup events compete with other players for corals, pearls and many coins. If you have difficulty understanding the mechanics of the game or are looking for tips, today’s first fishing guide post and First Fishing tips, tricks and strategies will help.

Need to know about the first fishing

 First Fishing The control is very simple. When you press the Start button and point toward the perfect point on the wheel, you can stop and start the pointer. Then we will fish in 3 to 6 seconds. There is a tension gauge on top with three main points. Do not miss, cool, perfect.

 First Fishing Complete strikes will fill your partner’s skill gauges. towards. Once the charge is complete, you can use the technology. Tap on the partner button and stop the pointer in the center to do a great deal of damage to the fish. Damage decreases the HP of the fish. When you reach zero, the fish loses consciousness and comes directly to you.

The greater the probability of getting a fish, a rare fish (stops the pointer at the perfect point). Prepare better baits and costumes for your partner. So it’s the basic / control of First Fishing game.

After catching,

After catching Fish, an overview is displayed in First Fishing game. You can choose the size of the fish, the star and one of the three options. Sales, additions and gifts. If you sell fish, you will reward the coins, send the fish to the tank, and give the fish to the partner.

The fish sent from the tank grows there and reaches Max once. . When you reach a growth level, you earn more money by selling compared to the base level.

FISHING GAME [19709008] Fishing Tank in FISHING GAME

When you start the game, you will get one free fish tank in the game. You can spend two more corals to open or buy. Premium fish tank also increases growth rate. (19659003) Partner Guide – How to Raise, Use Skills, and Improve Statistics

1545424631 259 first fishing guide tips cheats strategy mrguider First Fishing features partner systems. You can use your partner’s skills while grabbing fish to make a bonus damage. Also, partner outfits can increase the chances of getting a big and rare fish. In addition to technical and dress bonuses, you can use the Partner Fishing feature to send idle fishing enthusiasts. With this feature, XP, gold and more items can be obtained.

Level Up Partner

Raise your level by presenting fish or items to your partner. After catching fish -> press the gift button. When you present a fish, the heart gauge (friendly gauge) is filled. You can also use some items to increase items. Go to Partner Menu -> Bags -> Gifts -> Use.

How to Get a Costume for a Partner

You can exchange your style sheet to get costumes from your opponent’s daily trunk. Go to store -> press partner button -> You can use it to get your partner’s trunk there. From this trunk you can get style tickets, instant fishing tickets, costumes and more.

On the Home screen, tap the menu button -> Exchanging items -> Move to the fifth tab -> Select items -> Replace the style sheet of the high-class T-shirt


To be dressed or dressed, you must claim from the bag menu. Go to partner section -> Partner -> Costume -> Choose a costume -> Select equipment

How to use your partner’s skills

Take care while grabbing the fish on the right side. Tap the partner button to charge. You must tap at the appropriate time on the next screen.

Partner Tank

Tap the gift gauge on the partner screen just above the aquarium. This will take you to the partner’s tank selection screen. Gift gauges increase as a gift to your partner fish. Once filled, you can claim compensation in this section. Coins, corals, pearls, style tickets can be obtained.

How to upgrade and unlock partners’ skills

In First Fishing games, all partners have unique active and passive skills. Go to partner screen -> Partner tab -> Select skill. From there you can see all the technology. Raising a level to a partner will release the new skill. To upgrade a skill, tap the icon and tap the Upgrade button.

Cheer Impact

Partner’s cheer levels can also affect the fishing environment. Go to partner screen -> Partner tab -> Select cheerleader -> Manage cheerleader -> Upgrade. Upgrading your cheering stats will increase your chances of getting bigger fish, improving ATK, coin bonuses, damage, and more.

First Fishing – Partners is everything.

First Fishing -> Gears Guide

The above gears are available in different qualities. Normal, special, masterpiece. Initially, normal equipment is ready. You will not be able to catch big fish with this regular set. Also, there must be good equipment in the cup event to rank higher than the other players in the league. let’s go. First Fishing Gear Guide

How to Get a Gear

You can get a gear from the supply chest. Every gear belongs to one hierarchy. T1, T2, T3, T4, T5. High Tier equipment provides players with bonus buffs while fishing. Stores -> Gears -> You can use gold to buy high floor chests from there.

You can also exchange items to get good tier equipment. Change item menu -> Load / Reel / Lure / Line -> Gear layer / Grade selection -> Gear material selection (bar / lure / line / reel – depends on the selected item) -> exchange. [19659003] How to upgrade your gear

 First Fishing Go to the tackle box menu and upgrade gears -> tap.

  • General upgrade – Pearl is required.
  • How to get Pearl, Coral and Grade CouponsDaily Quest (Martial Missions, Daily Missions, Achievements) and Step Complete all of the coupons to get your pearls, corals and chapters. (From supply chest)

    Master Cup

    When catching fish or participating in ranking events; Big Fish Master Cup, Time Attack Master Cup, UFF Master Cup will increase your rankings. Starting from the rising star league, it develops as dark horse, entertainer, and majesty.

    At the end of the season, you will receive a reward for the season. Compensation includes: There are ships, coins and coral.

    So now is First Fishing Guide . First Fishing Tips and Tricks: –

    1. Attention to durability.

    Durability of gears; There are loads, reels, baits, and so on. Please be careful and restore as soon as possible. Tap the tackle box menu -> Devices -> Repair. Repairing the gear requires coins and restores durability. It is easy to catch fish with maximum durability.

    2) Partner Statistics and Technology Development

    In the above guide, we explained everything about our partners. To really catch the bigger and rareer fish in the First Fishing game, present the fish to your partner and develop the fish for more profit. Partner’s tank compensation, new technology

    3). Spending Coins in the Store

    You can spend your partner’s items, high-tier equipment, and item items at the store. To earn gold, sell fish (maximum growth level) and complete daily missions and challenges. Present a low star fish to your partner. Keep the finest fish in the tank. Once the fish reaches the maximum growth level, sell it for coins.

    4) Send partner to fishing for items

    Items such as starfish, scallops, gear upgrades, item exchanges, technology upgrades, and more. You get most of these items as a bonus reward for catching fish. For more information, please send your partner to partner fishing. Go to home screen -> Partner Fishing -> Cast. You can use an instant fishing table to complete immediately.

    5) Coral storage for aquarium or tank hole

    Since there is only one aquarium, it is recommended to save the coral reef and invest in the aquarium. Buffs in the Jakarta tank increase the fish’s growth rate by 10%, while buffets in the Rotterdam tank increase sales.

    6) Getting more tank slots

    The first tank, Sydney, has 10 slots. So you can save up to 10 fish at a time. Purchase more slots to save more. It will consume you coins. Go to Fist Tank menu -> Press the + button next to the slot number of the Sydney tank. You must use coral reefs to get more slots.

    If you have a capsule, you can equip the capsule from the Tackle Shop menu.

    It now ends with First Fishing tips and tricks. You might want to keep upgrading your gear’s rating and your partner’s stats. If you have more information, please share it with other players in the comments section below.

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