Firefox 68 arrives with darker dark mode, redesigned extensions dashboard

Long-term launch with enhanced controls for IT administrators

  Firefox 68 was released

Firefox 68: now available for download

The new Mozilla Firefox, 68 was released, and among other things solves a annoyance in the "Dark Mode" theme, where the toolbar in Reader mode maintained a "clear" appearance.

In the versions of Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS, the creator of browsers is also presenting his scheme of "Recommended extensions", where the personnel are published identifies the add-ons that they consider safe and effective.

The extensions control board has been redesigned and now shows recommended extensions, although in our case there were a total of four. Andrew Truong of Mozilla said:

In AMO [] from July 11, the recommended extensions will receive a special credential to indicate their inclusion in the program. In addition, the AMO home page will be updated to show only the recommended content, and the AMO search results will place greater emphasis on the recommended extensions.

While it is a good plan to heal the extensions, there is a risk that this increases "the winner takes all" as similar supplements compete for attention, which makes it difficult for new participants to notice.

The new panel also includes a list of permissions required by each extension within the add-on manager, which is important to keep abreast of how the extension can affect privacy and security, and a "Add to Firefox" button integrated within the list of extensions.

firefox 68 arrives with darker dark mode redesigned extensions dashboard The dark mode of Firefox is now consistent throughout the window

If you set Content blocking to Strict 68 in Firefox, the browser will try to block the cryptominers (where the script on the page removes the cryptocurrency using its CPU) and fingerprints (code designed to identify your device by indirect means). These options are not new, but the custom configurations required above.

The downloads in Firefox are now compatible with the Intelligent Transfer Service in the Windows Background (BITS) for updates, so that an update of Firefox (in Windows) can continue to be downloaded even with the browser closed. [19659005] Camera and microphone access has now been blocked so an encrypted connection is required. This matches a similar feature in Google Chrome. The exception is that access to the camera and microphone still works from localhost, a server that runs on your own PC.

1563555849 891 firefox 68 arrives with darker dark mode redesigned extensions dashboard Firefox 68 compares the contrast with the accessibility guidelines: the Mozilla home page fails, but in less than most sites.

Firefox developer tools include a color contrast check in the accessibility section. This verifies that the contrast between the background and the foreground is sufficient to guarantee readability. We tested it on the Mozilla homepage and it failed with a score of 4.5.0, although it can hardly be seen, since the WCAG (Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content) specify 4.5.1 as a minimum. Some sites closer to the house, ahem, seem to need more work. In fact, in a brief review on some of the major sites, none passed the test, so the test is outperformed, or (most likely) is a challenge for many web designers.

The growing capacity of mobile devices like Apple's iPad Pro means that you may want the desktop version of a site. In the new Firefox iOS (version 18), the sites that are displayed in the desktop view will always be in the desktop view unless you change them again. A blue dot in the address bar indicates that you have the desktop site.

Firefox 68 is available as an "extended support release", the first since Firefox 60. This release is aimed at larger organizations and has functions aimed at IT administrators, including an MSI installer (Microsoft Installer) for Windows , and new policies for personalization throughout the site, including the configuration of the new tab page, the extension settings and the ability to specify links to local files. ®

Balance consumerization and corporate control.

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