Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

The release date of Fire Emblem: Three Houses was on July 26, 2019, and is a beautiful tactical role-playing game developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Mark entry 15 th in the Fire Emblem series, but it is one of only two editions of home console, along with Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn of 2007. The game incorporates its game with a social simulation based on The experience history and also has time management, which adds to its attractive and immersive atmosphere. The development of such a mixture was supposedly a challenge, since this title represents a serious entry and a strong bite for the Switch audience, and this is how it did so far …

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Development and reception

Fire Emblem : Three Houses was developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo Games. The game belongs to the genre of tactics / turns, but the first thing that is strange is that it does not support online multiplayer mode. However, it obtained a score of 8.0 users and 87 Metascore in Metacritic, with a too positive reception. This is mainly due to the attractive history of the game campaign and to the well-written and well-designed characters, which are a large part of the gameplay.

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This game also marks the second Fire Emblem entry for Nintendo Switch, since the first was the original title that was released in 2017 when Nintendo Direct set it to zero. Other great critical sites praised him for his appearance, his faithful representation of the characters in the series and general aesthetics.


The continent called Fódlan is being enveloped by war. However, the Church of Seiros maintains order due to the Academy of Officers under its wing, and this is where the player comes in. You are invited to a teaching position in one of the three royal houses of the academy, each with its own personality and territories. He directs the students in his care through his education and controls them once the battles begin. The story later, of course, has several twists and turns, as several options and paths are set before the player.

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The Fire Emblem: Three Houses game represents one of the few tactical strategy games on Nintendo Switch. Naturally, it is done in a turn-based style, with an important part that deepens RPG. The emphasis is on the strategy, since no doubt the first moments of the game will tell you. In terms of innovation for the tactical strategy game, this game has brought several unique features. First, the positioning on the battlefield not only includes moving your units to a place that you consider more auspicious, but you must also take into account several terrain features, such as the forest. Once your unit reaches the enemy's reach and can be attacked, if you are in the forest it will be much harder to attack and you may suffer more damage.

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In addition, the characters are memorable and have their own set of features and special attacks that lead to battle. In addition, all your students have different weapons, some melee and others are at a distance. Now, the second and perhaps a major innovation that this game brings is the scale at which the battle unfolds. The battlefields are not as simple as perhaps we have become accustomed to most of today's turn-based strategy games, where your armies and that of your enemies face each other. Here, multiple armies can participate in combat and some may be your allies, while others may be helping the enemy, or it could be free for everyone.


This entry really improved the appearance, compared to all other 14 titles in the Fire Emblem series. Character design has never been so sophisticated, with models that seem to be taken from a new generation anime. The graphics and the game environment are quite advanced, using Switch's ability to its limits and it also really gives the feeling that you are playing a first class game on a portable console.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is to be compared to Harry Potter: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but that is only its social simulation factor. That is mixed with an engaging story and an incredibly rewarding tactical game, which in itself provides enough to be praised. Combined with great graphics and an immersive experience, it makes this title a welcome edition for anyone's Nintendo Switch console. ( 2 Votes)


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