FIFA 20 Review

Oh, FIFA, with the launch of the new FIFA 20 game, like the setting of the sun, painting the night, and wearing an old winter coat, there is both inevitable and comfortable. The soccer season is back. Squad is right again. Some new features that make us occupy long, dark nights. The world is all right.

FIFA 20 gameplay trailer

FIFA 20 all platform review

FIFA 20 may not be an absolute peak series. So far Volta is probably not like a revolution and I think FIFA career mode, is still underdeveloped, but modern FIFA is a broad, deep and complete product. A must buy for football fans. In pitch, FIFA 2020 is very similar to last year. Sports games change from year to year, and at the end of this console generation, the pace of change slows down. Therefore, after leaving the tunnel, a more natural first touch and a more satisfying ball physics improved, but very much like FIFA 19, game.

However, Set Piece received some tweaks, especially direct free kicks and penalties. In the uprising of FIFA 2003, both now aimed the reticle to the exact location where they would place the ball. Then you need to incorporate last year’s genius on-time finishing mechanism to hit the shot again at the right time and add a curve for a free kick. Both take a bit of time to get used to it, but when you hit it with the top corners, you get more depth and satisfaction.

To spark another nostalgia and provide even more improvements on the playing field, FIFA 20 introduced Street Soccer to the main series for the first time by introducing Volta Football like the new mode FIFA Street. Pilot your street superstar to become the best travel agency in the world to travel through various unique and exotic areas. These 3, 4 and 5 side matches are shorter and more confusing than standard 11 side matches and are refreshing and fun enough to be a valuable staple in FIFA’s roster mode.

More cool tricks, movies, and simple tactics create modes that are more fun and fun than traditional game types. But don’t expect the depth that FIFA Street gave us a few years ago. There are no game breaker shots here, and it’s not easy to completely insult your opponent with absurd nutmeg and rainbow films. The Volta League, an online mode, has not been filled enough to find a match so far, so you will be able to get more information in the next few days.

New gear

Creating your character on a new gear means that this gives you a longer life than the alternate mode. The Journey. Volta’s campaign mode, on the other hand, is single player. It’s a journey against the AI ​​team. The world travel structure is fascinating and its location is well embodied with its unique personality and unique play style. But how do the characters you share your journey get so annoying and the writing behave so aggressively? Hopefully, if the mode takes more time, these characters will be loved a bit more.

Last but not least, Volta needs to be connected to the internet for reasons that aren’t clear when playing single player mode. Career mode is another major single player product in FIFA and offers new features. For example, proper dialogue between manager and player is possible. Players will come to you to complain or appreciate the game time for a long time.

But now you have a chance to answer to increase the morale and hence the performance level. As the fraud bar is the only variable that can affect, the system is shallow and the message is still repeated so often, but at least it feels a bit more interactive than a stagnant email system.

FIFA 20 press conferences

The pre- and post-match press conferences have been overhauled and now look similar to what we saw in the previous season’s journey. Again, the goal here is to maintain the morale of the team and again not much, but visually stimulating than the simple menu screens as before. Finally, the big new feature is its dynamic player potential, which hasn’t been dug deep enough to test yet, but we’ll tell you again soon about its effect. Disappointingly, despite all the changes, Career Mode is feeling a bit of a bare bone so far and there are still a lot of inaccuracies.

For example, for English clubs, the deadline for transfers is incorrect, while VAR and short goal kicks are not yet in FIFA. The transfer negotiations remain unchanged and save two new background positions for starting the deal, and the Scout and Youth teams are the same for a year straight. Care Mode has gone one step further this year, but it needs a revolution. Ultimate Team, meanwhile, continues to expand and is bigger than ever.

Not to be confused with the submode FUT season and adopting the Fortnite,-esque battle pass model in the FUT season is a bit confusing, but it’s a master stroke. Basically, it appears as an extension of existing daily and weekly assignments, allowing you to perform new tasks over several weeks. Rewards include new beauty options including packs, players, tipos and balls. It’s another way of receiving rewards, all to help you achieve another goal.

This is especially useful for those who are struggling to compete in weekend leagues. Another new addition to FUT is Friendlies, a new way to casually play within Ultimate Team. There are no big rewards for playing FUT Friendlies, but you can still earn coins and have no effect on player injury, contracts, stamina and match history. The community is asking for a place to go when they cannot face the pressure of rivals or squad battles.

It also includes the same in-depth statistical tracking and bizarre mode variants introduced in Kickoff mode in FIFA 19 with the new House Rules option. They are strange and fun places to have fun with friends, and if not yet, Ultimate Team now feels like their game. I understand that if you spend more money on the pack, you are more likely to get a Lionel Messi than someone who simply converts to in-game currency, but the FUT is powerful and perfect. Once again, game mode gets stuck too.

The completeness seems to be the spirit of FIFA, and despite the omission of Juventus (Forza Piemonte Calcio), this year’s game is more complete than ever. The same is true for aesthetics and licensing. You can provide more accurate virtual sports closest to real soccer or continue to use the soccer version of Sky Sports.

FIFA 20 is flawed and repetitive but comfortable, perfect and attractive. Journey and FIFA Street can still be missed, but Volta offers a truly different option for those who want to get away with FIFA’s type of smgasboard game, while Ultimate Team continues to conquer the world. Even if you remember that EA last existed, Career Mode is still stuck.

Transaction reference

Feeling different from before; In some ways it was better, but in others it wasn’t. Here’s Volta, a new way to play FIFA that blows fresh air into the series, even without its own flaws. But does it sacrifice the whole game? Last year, many gameplay innovations in FIFA 19 were based on attack games from the end of time, to the basics of how you can poke a ball into space by flicking a stick. FIFA 20 turns the pendulum back in the other direction and places much more emphasis on the other side of the ball. The way you defend is thoroughly checked and not felt more important.

You can no longer charge your defender or do your best while holding down the tackle button. When you participate in a challenge, you are punished for not thinking about the same amount of defensive play as taking an attack due to a high level of risk reward. If you spend time well, you can grab the ball clean and own it. However, if you misjudge the timing, you will be fouled or kept to the left as your opponent crosses the trailing leg. The way you defend is thoroughly checked and not felt more important.

This is because some attackers have weapons in the form of arsenal dribble. You can grab the left bumper and square up to the defenders, and in the past you can try the slimy past to ultimately make room for your cross or shot. A useful tool that gives you more options when controlling the ball. If you succeed, you will at least foul and try a new set piece. EA appears to be inspired by the current PGA Tour golf series when he takes a direct free kick.

This is because the target is now first in the target position and then the spin is added with the right stick as the rooter approaches the ball. This technology opens up new possibilities and creates wonderful finishes. It was hard to understand at first, but I enjoy it especially when I compare the simple methods that worked in previous games.

5 gameplay changes to make a difference

But you will be lucky if you pass a person without being cut off. You can defeat them and set goals. This is thanks to a welcome adjustment of how player speed works in FIFA 20. The usual FIFA 19 frustration was how slow defenders could easily catch up with much faster attackers. I am happy to report that it is no longer true here. The sight that aging Matt Hummels closes quickly in the harsh Raheem Sterling no longer occurs regularly.

Add a new set-up touch for a huge combo. Grab the right bumper and bounce the right stick to roll the ball into space to inflict ferocious hits on the target. This often creates a bit of blockbuster moments and it feels good when subtracted correctly. Unfortunately, FIFA 20 feels like setup animations take time to complete and are often crowded by tough defenders before they reach their goal, so there is really little chance of actually achieving them.

FIFA 20 and VOLTA Mode

This reverts to a defensive check implemented in FIFA 20. Defensive AI is much smarter, intercepting passes and blocking shots much more often. The rope through the pit no longer worked because the defender reads the game better and offers more challenges than when playing FIFA. As a result, I played more matches with the counterattack, and I was most frustrated by going out this year. The player returned as fast as lightning, but felt completely at odds with the speed at which the ball wanted to move.

Shaking due to new ball physics slows the grass more realistically, which makes it look great but of course hinders the flow of games It’s like listening to a song that sporadically presses the half speed button every time you hit a groove. My biggest frustration with going out this year is a total of two steps. This, along with a more realistic way for players to turn the ball on and off, slows the pace considerably and some players’ spinning circles are unusually large.

I want FIFA to do my best to create an excellent full-fledged soccer experience in my presentation, but I want it to be fundamentally fun. For me the football game was often the best when it was not taken too seriously and embraced the stupid side of the game. Whether it’s the longest lost penguin outfit in the golden age of PES, an arcade game on FIFA Street or a pure slapstick.

Luckily for FIFA 20, it’s hard to find a 90 minute core game mode, but there’s still plenty of room. I’m very exited about FIFA and PES want do you think which is the best game FIFA 20 vs PES 2020, game let us know your opinion in comment section below.

Mad Volta

Volta was added to FIFA 20 to combine FIFA Street with the latest story-based travel modes. It is a successful combination in many ways. There may or may not be a lot of variety that can be done to guarantee a standalone release without causing too much grip. This alone is not valid to claim that FIFA 20 is the skin of the previous version. There are three ways to play Volta: Tour, League and Story. A tour is where you play against the CPU using squads taken from servers created by other players.

If you win a squad, you can recruit players from that team, similar to Need for Speed’s pink slip system. You can also choose your favorite game from 17 regions and street football around the world. Each of these global stadiums is beautifully crafted and has a unique atmosphere, offering a true gameplay experience, but some are more successful than others. I preferred larger pitches like the slums in Rio de Janeiro or the Berlin gymnasium rather than the high-roofed phobia cage in Tokyo.

All 8 Volta Modes in FIFA 20

This small pitch game often leads to chaos where the ball bounces between knees, concrete and chain fences and virtually no football occurs. Bounce often shot repeatedly to find out where it was the most successful tactic. Repeat until you find the back of the net. But in a more open arena, Volta actually appears on its own. There is time and space to pass the ball and there is plenty of scope to thrive like a trick or a movie. In other words, Volta is much more rooted in classic FIFA than traditional street games, so you’ll be punished if you exaggerate.

There are no bonus points for skill moves, it’s just another way to win skills. I was hoping that Peter Crouch could put all his opponents in sight, but I would like to balance the two in my mind. Volta is much more rooted in classic FIFA than traditional street games, so you’ll be punished if you exaggerate. There are subtle differences between the matches, and they are more attractive than others. Futsal is a bunch of choices and the most basic in traditional 11v11 games.

There is no wall to bounce the ball, which requires additional challenges and prevents the game from coming down with something similar to a pinball. 4v4 and 5v5 can be played very similarly to Futsal, the big difference is manual shooting. Especially if you’re used to the support provided by the core game, it’s a bit familiar, but ultimately rewarding. 3v3 rush and 4v4 rush are not so fun. It’s essentially one major difference and a match between three or four–no goalkeeper.

Therefore, with the help of defensive players, incoming shots are blocked. I have seen countless tamed shots turn towards the defenders. This happened regularly with AI and player controlled defenders and was outraged at the end of the game with 15-14.

In rare cases, when a player blocked a ball, he often scored more often than not throwing an attacker. This means that in combination with the compact arena, you have very little control over the outcome of the rush match, so most of Volta’s campaign modes consist of these games.

Volta Story

Volta Story of 11 minutes 4K, Volta’s story will be familiar to anyone who has seen sports movies where pure cheese and banal plots stands out. Journey’s quarterly storyline is gone and turned into a rich story with unforgettable features. One-dimensional robots are placed with more reliable characters, such as the loyal best friend Syd, and the smoke is mixed. Cut scenes often feel repetitive, but Volta was never a slogan. The journey ended in 5-6 hours. The game will only stop if you lose the game. In other words, you need to restart the entire tournament.

That means up to 3-4 matches can be played again. This can be especially frustrating if it consists of a few preambles that are not particularly attractive. Volta never slew him. The journey was and ends after 5-6 hours. Naturally, rich customization is possible. Importantly, vanity items (tops, shoes, hairstyles, etc.) can only be purchased in Volta Coins, the currency obtained through the game within Volta, which currently does not have a small deal.

I spent some time tweaking the player’s look at the beginning of the story mode, but soon I picked a favorite style and didn’t mind much after that. But in Volta League mode, you can see that the customization actually appears. The league is Volta’s online game, especially after you complete the story mode and spend most of the time playing little. The premise is simple. Play against other online opponents to improve your rank and show squads and vanity items.

This approach is similar to the season of the core game and opens up all match types and locations. If you like fast games with the option to add house rules, Volta is also available in kickoff mode. Last year’s choice still exists. Survival mode is especially important because Volta means one by one.

All modes

Outside Volta, many other modes have been added to FIFA 20. House Rules offers several new options. You can see the Hill of the King spending time by possession time, while the mystery ball is pure madness. Every time the ball comes out of the game, a new ‘peak’ appears on the playing field, changing physics each time. This includes one ball, dribbling, speed and shooting boost, all three combined. The panic happens every time you use this ball, because the defender can break through the defender before it hits the net.

It’s the kind of stupidity you want in FIFA, and continues the funniest trend of last year. Mystery balls are pure madness. Ultimate Team will also benefit from House Rules mode this year with the FUT exclusive couple. Max Chemistry and Swaps modes are fun, but I can’t see that they are taking a huge amount of time for those who have already invested in loops in the FUT.

They can be found in the new FUT friendly section. That means you can take your assembled squad offline and play it with your friends. For those who don’t want to worry about the player’s health or contract, it’s an improvement in quality of life.

FIFA mystery ball mod

FIFA 20 the perfect match in the new mystery ball mod 4k. Online users have a new season goal. Like the Golf Clash, system, you set up a challenge that rewards only items that are exclusive to this mode. Some are vanity items that express more welcome comfort at FIFA, introducing things like retro 16-bit balls and dumb unicorn teapots for the stadium. These are all positive changes that add some personalization to the FUT experience. It is very necessary when many squads are filled with the same few players and everything is a little homogenized.

Amazing mechanics

One thing that hasn’t changed is micropayment. You can still use the card pack, and people continue to buy it. EA said it has no plans to change its approach to “surprise dynamics” unless the law passes. So far, little progress has been made in this area, but someone knows that things may have changed by the time FIFA 21 approaches. Regarding the card, there were steps for this year.

The FIFA 20 icons are now less expensive in the previous market, but the chances of getting them through the pack are still low. In short, in FUT 20, micropayments are still a problem, and many fans are talking about inclusion and unique payout personalities.

Final words about FIFA 20 game

Another thing people wanted was a revamped career mode. Overlooked for many years. To be fair, FIFA 20 adds a few extras, but there’s no size to make the game mode more attractive than last year or even before. As in Volta, you can now choose to be male or female when choosing a playable manager that goes in the right direction.

But other than that, the inefficient fraud system and the unimaginable sequence of press conferences are totally overwhelming. It’s sad that mods that used to go from FIFA previously went from FIFA.

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