Ferrari Portofino: the daily Italian grand tourer

The Ferrari Portofino was launched last year for the success of California, bringing tough competition to the large tourist segment. While his predecessor received some controversy from the design perspective, Ferrari has certainly eliminated one from the park this time.

While most of us will not be sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari in the short term, they are certainly out there they are lucky enough to do so. But even for the average person, you can really appreciate what Portofino has to offer. It is a Ferrari at the end of the day, and even if some may qualify it as "entry level", it comes with a certain sense of the occasion.

The style

Upon entering the cabin, you have all the driving related buttons located directly on the steering wheel. From the red start button of the touch motor, driving mode selection, indicators: everything is literally within your reach. Personally, we love the column-mounted shifters, which help convey the heritage of Ferrari racing.

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Ferrari Portofino

Engine: 3.9 liters Twin Turbo
Performance: 591HP and 760 Nm of torque
Transmission: F1 dual-clutch transmission, 7 speeds
Maximum speed: 320 km / h
0-100 km / h: 3 .5 seconds
0-200 km / h: 10.8 seconds
Fuel efficiency: 10.7 l / 100km

All controls in the center console are focused on the driver, and the system Infotainment, which has Apple CarPlay, has improved dramatically compared to California. For added comfort, you can adjust the 18-position seats to reach that optimal driving position. There is even a smaller screen for passengers to see performance data, and you can even find points of interest from navigation so you don't have to look away from the road.


Comfort level, Performance and uniform proportions make traveling hundreds of miles easy without blinking. On the open road, the acceleration is perfect, with a perfect balance between creating an atmosphere of emotion with a subtle touch in class. The engine notes as you go through the speeds and the speed range goes up sound great, which makes you quickly realize that driving at three-digit speeds is really easy.

In colder climates it is easy to tear down the roof: in just fourteen seconds you could drive with the wind whipping your hair, which is an experience that every driver should enjoy at least once in his life. There is also great visibility when parking in narrow places, with the lightweight steering wheel and width that make things easier. We hope that Ferrari introduces a keyless entry into the next model, since that is something that will really make things a bit more convenient when starting this beast.

The Portofino is a good car to take into account, believe it or not, for everyday use. It is an impressive great tourism with that unique Italian combination of racing history and attention to detail that is hard not to fall in love with.

Prices from 800,000 AED

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