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Feeding and Grow 3D Fish is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms, where your goal is to get experience levels by starting with a small fish and eating creatures until it grows into a bigger fish. At first you have to watch out for the big fish, but as you progress, they will catch you.

Plus, you can earn coins, buy new fish, and start on a bigger scale than ever before, which gives you great benefits.

Read our list of tips and tricks for feeding and raising 3D fish!

When it first starts, it attaches to the ground and eats it. Seahorses, starfish, and sea urchins are small, so they can be stably eaten for a long time without moving. Do this until you reach experience level 5.

With each experience level you get bigger, and the bigger you get, the more other fish can eat without eating you. When you reach level 5, you will be able to compete with bigger fish.

You don’t have to use the bite button to eat a creature. When the fish are close enough, they will automatically start biting. However, if you are attacked by other fish, hit the bite button as soon as possible to counterattack. Not only does each bite heal you, but you can also attack if you can eat the fish before they eat it. Quickly restores all health and healing levels.

Each time you play, there are at least two treasure chests on the ground. Approaching them will prompt you to watch a commercial video. At the end of the video, you can get 10-100 coins.

These coins can be used to buy new fish. These fish are not just for aesthetic purposes. Starting with a bigger fish can give you a significant advantage right from the start, allowing you to skip the step of eating the terrestrial creatures in the first 5 steps. Some fish are faster or slower than others, and some are more or less healthy than others.

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After eating the other fish, collect all the floating fish in the aftermath. Meat is worth a lot of experience, and if you have to fight other fish to eat meat, it will help you regain health.

Eating other fish and meat gives you coins as well as experience. Once you reach a level high enough to eat larger creatures like the stingray, eating the stingray much faster than collecting the treasure chest will be the fastest way to earn coins.

If your experience level is high enough, the fish will grow so large that they barely move, other fish cannot eat, and the graphics start to flicker strangely. There is no end to this. If the game becomes unplayable, you can either eat the largest fish possible to collect coins or go back to the menu and start over.

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