FCC will “take action” in 2019 if carriers aren’t doing enough to fight robocalls

Ajit Pai and members of the FCC are growing up in a fierce attitude and are tired of robocalls just like the rest. Today, Pai has sent letters to more than 12 US mobile providers urging them to deploy an industry-wide method to combat automated annoying phones. "Next year, next year, consumers will see this on their phones," Pi said in a press release.

"If this system is not expected to happen and run next year," Pai ignores billions of spam calls, "he says," we need to continue working together to get this happening, And is referring to a phone authentication format that "signs" and validates legitimate phone calls over a cellular network – yes, billions – every month, harassing consumers. One of the biggest headaches of robocalls is caller ID spoofing. Spammers make the local number look like after the call. The FCC wants telecom operators across the country to implement systems that remove fake phones over the network. This framework is called the SHAKEN / STIR framework.

The framework digitally verifies the handover of a telephone call through the complex web of the network, confirming that the telephone company receiving the call is the telephone the person sent (19659005) 14 letters today were sent to Hans Vesterberg (Verizon), John Donovan (AT & T), John Legere (T-Mobile), Brian Roberts (Comcast), Tom Rutledge Charter. Google's Sundar Pichai has probably got one because of the company's Project Fi business. "When the industry is lagging behind, the commission is ready to prepare for a widespread deployment to achieve this important technical milestone," the FCC said. "The Commission is considering additional measures, such as authorizing voice providers to block the flow of illegally spoofed robo calls to unsigned or improperly signed customers."

Robocallers Shut down and work behind the scenes to prevent unwanted outages. But it is certainly not enough. There are apps and services that help you stay in touch with what you feel is now facing a fraudulent phone that only worsens weekly.

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