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simple audience Make your promotions more targeted!

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The most popular social networks are also the most effective social media marketing tools because they cover all demographics and their ads are highly targeted. I’m talking about Facebook.

so how simple audience Help you penetrate this market

In ~ simple audience, the first step in growing your brand is getting relevant traffic the way you want it. Without a strong social media presence, it would be very difficult to increase revenue and successfully win new and recurring businesses.

You can provide a Facebook database with name, contact information, location and gender, and filter it by audience database. It also uses advanced filtering, so data is presented to people with higher interactions and interests in certain niches on Facebook groups and fan pages based on likes, comments and posts.

SIMPLE AUDIENCE helps you generate leads and monetize your potential target buyers in 3 easy steps.

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Get leads, win leads and monetize them in 3 easy steps.

One. database collection: Find the most likely consumers in groups, pages, and posts.

2. Create a personalized Facebook audience from your potential target audience.

three. Database upload. Facebook marches these contacts with Facebook users and creates an audience based on the march. result of simple audience *Facebook Ads* and WhatsApp Marketing.

One. Gather your prospect database

We collect a database of the most likely consumers from: Groups, fan pages and posts It relates to the product you are promoting or offering.

simple audience Automatically filter the people you care about the most who liked and commented on the share. Groups, fan pages and posts.

2. Create custom Facebook audiences

Create custom facebook audience from a database of potential consumers collected using simple audience. To create a Facebook custom audience, go to the Audiences section of Facebook Ads Manager. after that “Creating an Audience” select “custom target” from the drop-down menu.

three. Database upload

upload database from simple audience Create a custom audience, then click ‘customer file“Facebook will march Facebook users and these contacts and create an audience base for the march.

Get targeted leads on Facebook and build real audiences in every niche imaginable!

simple audience mine and collect Facebook’s valid UIDS, email address and phone number Save it to the database for use.

Lead Mining and Gathering
Database We provide a database on Facebook in a very easy and fast way with the best search function for the products you want to promote.

smart filter Create highly targeted and accurate target databases.

simple audience Smartly filter the collected database to reach people who are highly interested in your products by providing likes, shares or comments on groups, fan pages and posts, and intelligently removes duplicate results based on targeted keywords. can.

spy Post Engagement UID Scrapper makes it easy to find potential consumers at no extra cost by accurately collecting everyone who likes, shares, and comments on your competitor’s ads on your competitor’s Facebook ads.

Gathering an audience database using information found in Public groups, private groups, and secret groups.

You can no longer hide databases in Simple Audience.

simple audience You can easily collect your most likely customers into a database. Close groups and secret groups, including member groups on Facebook!

Tune your Facebook audience for better ad targeting.

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using simple audience, most likely and targeted Consumer database (email address, phone number, UID, location, gender) use our smart filtering function of Post to Facebook Fanpages, Groups and Facebook.

Get highly targeted leads on Facebook and build real audiences in every niche imaginable!

Easy steps to generate instant leads and profits in FB
Forget the manual methods – we automate everything!

A database related to valid and targeted consumer our products.

The most valuable thing to earn more and more money.
This is why Simple Audience is featured in Save Your Day.

With these highly targeted leads, you can promote anything you want.
“Designed to help entrepreneurs and online professionals accelerate their success online.”

√ 100% genuine data

√ Create FB all group member data

√ Create FB all page member data.

√ Create emails, numbers and addresses.

√ Create by country.

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Get paid to use Facebook

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