Fairytale for 2019: GNOME to battle a patent troll in court

The GNOME Foundation, manufacturer of the same Linux desktop, was hit with a Swedish ball by how its photography manager Shotwell, er, manages photos.

The plaintiff, Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC, has argued in a complaint filed in the United States District Court of Northern California that the defendant, the GNOME Foundation, has infringed his patent for a "System and method of distribution wireless images. "

The patent, 9,936,086, filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office on June 2, 2017, is dated April 3, 2018 and, in a nutshell, is concerned about releasing digital photos of a device to Another wirelessly.

Rothschild, who has a virtual office in Texas, has been busy with his new toy and has also slapped Magix with a complaint about the same patent. In the case of Magix, it is the company's Photo Manager that has attracted the wrath of Rothschild's lawyers.

Unlike Magix, GNOME is a non-profit team. The Foundation's Executive Director, Neil McGovern, described the lawsuit as "unfounded" and said the organization "would defend itself vigorously."

As expected, McGovern continued by saying there would be no more comments, although we can imagine the vivid blue tone of the air has become the towers of GNOME.


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The patent itself is a fairly broad beast, comprising hardware and, most importantly in the case of GNOME (or rather, Shotwell), a method that involves capturing a lot of images, filtering them based on a theme, theme or individual, and wirelessly transmitting the filtered images to another device.

Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC is connected with Leigh Rothschild, who has triggered some complaints over the years, targeting people like Sony and Walt Disney with other patents. In addition to Magix and GNOME, the Cyberlink FaceMe platform has also received a complaint about the annoying patent 9,936,086.

While the GNOME Foundation is a non-profit organization, it can have some cash in the bank. A look at their published figures (PDF) for 2018 shows that they earned an income of more than $ 1 million, with expenses of $ 366 thousand.

Far from us suggesting that the available funds could have attracted the attention of a patent holder or two. In particular, the owner of a patent that, at first glance, seems absurdly broad. ®

What follows after Netezza?

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