Facebook’s UK Cambridge Analytica fine was incredibly small

Officials said this week that Facebook would be charged a £ 500,000 penalty from Britain over the Cambridge Agnostica scandal, but fell on the bucket of a huge company.

A statement from the British Information Commissioner (ICO) said: "We considered these violations too serious and imposed the maximum penalty under the previous statute, but as some people pointed out this week,

In fact, it is difficult to visualize correctly, Facebook reported a net profit of $ 5.1 billion in the last quarter, which is hardly worth $ 6.4 million, with a fine in US dollars.

Only when you look at the number of registered quarterly average net earnings per day, but even then, it may lead you to squint.

Hourly views finally provide some sense of scope.

At that rate, the company can earn an equivalent return within 15 minutes. The fines could be worse for future events. When the UK regulators announced their fines, Facebook confirmed that they are now tied to strict rules for European GDPR protection, and the company has a fine of $ 22 million It could be imposed. Earn again.

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