Facebook’s report on George Soros attempts to tie him to an anti-Facebook coalition

Buzzfeed News obtained a copy of the report delegated by Facebook to the consulting firm Definers Public Affairs, which links the efforts of the "Freedom on Facebook" campaign to the liberal philanthropist, George Soros. I will try to.

The May 2018 report is one of two files created by a consulting firm for Facebook. I want to create a case where Soros funded the Union through three very broad perspectives. First, we have a six-digit advertising budget for message delivery, emphasizing the "progressive group coalition" that makes up the "Freedom from Facebook" campaign. Second, some of the Union members were backed by Soros 'Open Society Foundation and finally pointed out criticism of Soros' social media sites.

You can read the following article:

Buzzfeed said, "There is at least one other definite document related to Soros." A spokesman for the Open Markets Institute said Soros You provided funds.

Facebook is bringing a consulting company to look into Soros for a long time last month on the New York Times trying to influence Facebook in the 2016 US presidential election. The report found that Facebook hired the Republican opposition party, the Republican opposition party. The so-called Republican party opposition investigative agency Soros often refers to the liberal monarchy George Soros, the Semitic Attack and the Conspiracy Theory.

Facebook led the group to investigate the organized anti-Facebook efforts, while Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg (COO Sheryl Sandberg) did not know who hired the company, And communications manager Elliot Schrage were criticized for hiring the company. A Facebook spokesman said last week that Schrage's posting was "nothing to add this time."

ET updated at 5:15 pm on December 1: added statement on Facebook.

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