Facebook’s launch of Portal has been stymied by trust issues

Facebook is a powerful phone book, but I chose to make calls long ago. There was a good reason to call. One, the risk of failure was high. At that time, Windows Phone was sputtering, and iOS / Android duopoly seemed more and more impenetrable. Second, Facebook was able to avoid ugly clashes with the two largest platforms on which the company relied, in a direct competition with Google and Apple.

However, pursuing new growth, Facebook ultimately returns to its hardware – and then to the phone again. The first was the acquisition of Oculus, which turned Facebook into a virtual reality equipment manufacturer. And today, Portal is a videophone that runs on Facebook Messenger. Colleague Jake Kastrenakes says the point.

The Portal is designed to streamline video chats by allowing you to identify yourself with a wide-angle camera and track you around the room. For a long time, you can talk more comfortably than not having your phone on your face. Facebook says that the portal creates a sense of sharing a big room with the people you talk to and thinks conversations about your equipment are augmented reality experiences.

In the portal you must keep, aim, and direct anything. When a chat starts, the device's camera automatically locates people in the room and keeps them in the frame. If you have multiple people in a room, the camera uses wide angle to match everyone. If only one person is present, the camera is zoomed in to focus on the face. Because Facebook can talk without worrying about camera angles, this feature allows you to naturally make video chats.

Last week I played with Portal at a meeting with the Facebook team. I tried to imagine how I felt about the device if I did not know who made the device. This design made me look stupid but functional. It is similar to the smaller version and the larger version (Square point-of-sale device), similar to the Echo Show. As a videophone, it worked as advertised. The marquee function is a kind of dynamic cropping that continuously adjusts the angle depending on the number of people in the frame and where they move. The company said it was taking a step toward "presence" of VR style. However, it is useful.

Another notable point about Portal is how small it is. In addition to video calls, you can play music through Spotify or Pandora, play videos with Facebook Watch, or browse photos of selected albums. Amazon's Alexa is integrated into the hardware and can perform Alexa's functions. That's it.

Single-purpose tools can be as simple as portable Bluetooth speakers. But if you walked the Sur La Table and were amazed at the strawberry corella and avocado slicers, you might find that you are a bit ridiculous. If you can get a $ 200 or $ 350 portal, you can have your phone, tablet, and laptop (already Echo or 2), all of which you can do on the portal.

The reason to buy one is that because of the vast number of video calls, they invest in dedicated hardware and provide a permanent home in your home. I do not know how many people feel that way, but I think the portal is worthy of being a device that provides a specific paper. This is a solid effort because the company's version 1.0 hardware has little manufacturing experience. The problem is whether it is a hammer or an avocado slicer. It looks like the latter to me at launch.

Anyway, if you do not know who made it, that's the way to review the portal. But we do not know who has made it, and in the history of gadget reviews, many independent journalists have seen the same conclusions about the device . Of course, the problem is trust. And press organizations do not trust Facebook to always install microphones and cameras at home. The plastic camera cover and microphone switch are turned off.

We introduce sample of the same day.

  • "The portal is a sophisticated new video camera and a screen that you can chat with your family and friends, it looks good." Geoffrey Fowler, Washington Post .
  • "Hell, no!" Amazon Baid, USA Today .
  • Amazon tells her about the Facebook portal and portals, and that Amazon is making reservations early on Monday A new voice control and video call device with Alexa. "Facebook has proven to be purely negative for humanity. But if you are one of the many people who do not bullshit about anything, portals will help. "- Matt Novak, Gizmodo .

Perhaps there will be stronger demands than reporters expect. Still, this is only the beginning of a privacy scandal 19659016]


Google exposed user data, disclosure risk

    Good times good to run the portal

    Doug MacMillan and Robert McMillan announced today a blockbuster of how Google identified a significant data vulnerability in Google+, and I have not told anyone about it and now we are closing a good part of the ersatz social network for consumers There is no evidence that someone has exploited this vulnerability, but it is definitely very bad for everyone. (Counterpoint, it's important to note that Google will periodically delete related logs, so I can not say for sure.)

    Software defects on social sites allow external developers to access private Google+ profile data. According to the briefing document and people, the case, which was shared with senior management by an internal investigator from the March 2015 through March 2018, when internal investigators discovered and solved the issue, were tortured and memorized by Google law and policy personnel,

    Chief Executive Sundar Pichai warned that the internal committee would not notify the users after they had reached the decision, and that the disclosure would lead to "immediate regulatory relevance" I received a briefing on the plan.

    Tech W The orkers now want to know: What did we make for?

    In August, Kate Conger and Cade Metz interviewed employees who ended the matter on the threat of massive employee insurgency within Google for Project Dragonfly. One of the good things they have raised is that at least they are accustomed to sleeping indirectly and there's no way for us to work.

    "If you think about making a technology for one purpose, you can see that it is really twisted," said pilot software engineer Raura Nolan.

    A senior software engineer who resigned in June to Google's resignation to Project Maven, an effort to develop artificial intelligence for the Department of Defense to meet DOJ requirements. There is an uneasy report by Jessica Schneider.

    Trump administration lawyers require personal account information from thousands of Facebook users in three separate search warrants provided to social media tycoons.

    Facebook, Google and Amazon are big winners in the new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations

    New trade in North America Responsible for large platforms in neighboring countries by extending the protection of 230 provisions for Canada Restricted.

    Facebook imposes charges on Africa due to Myanmar issue

    Nitasha Tiku faces ambition in Africa

    Facebook is the number of Express Wi-Fi hotspots, We did not say if it grew, but it is clear that Facebook has made its way into Africa. Three of the five countries where Express Wi-Fi started are in Africa. In March, Facebook launched the Express Wi-Fi app in the Google Play Store in Kenya and Indonesia. Surf and Kenya's Facebook ISP partners said they own the largest fast Wi-Fi hotspot in the country, up from 100 to 100 in February 2017. In September, Facebook announced a partnership with the Internet Association, an American non-profit organization, to improve Internet connectivity across the United States. Africa.

    African digital rights advocates say Facebook has developed its approach to Myanmar. Facebook is working more closely with civil society organizations, sending more delegations, recruiting native speakers, planning controversial elections, and advocating digital literacy.

    On a Kavanaugh hearing trip, a Facebook broker acknowledges one small mistake

    Sarah Frier said Joel Kaplan did not apologize for supporting Brett Kavanaugh in his affirmation. Since Kaplan is confirmed, I tend to believe Sarah here because she is hosting a judge this weekend.

    Brett Kavanaugh and information terrorists trying to change America

    Molly McKew, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich and other popular social media stars "helped transform the way Americans consume news in the Trump era Operational unit of manipulation terror. "In the long piece she tracks these tactical developments through Kavanaugh confirmed hearing at Gamergate:

    When information architecture is complete, it is like a pipe. By simply inserting new material into the system, the user gets accustomed to receiving stories and topics from a particular source under certain circumstances, so that they can get faster and faster. At the far right there was a collective effort to gather people, especially those involved in the process. They behave like organically or automated human amplifiers within this narrative structure. (I opened this example here, but it gave too much stimulation to this network and there are two "Q cards" that refer to this card.)

    The process of removing the plot is not just online activity. This is about behavior change. And in most cases there are other forms of radicalism for ripple effects.

    Facebook will lead the Indian election task force to major elections.

    Facebook is setting up a sort of task force to monitor its attempts. Pranav Dixit reports on Indian electoral interference. The details are still ambiguous.

    "The team has security experts and content experts and will try to understand all possible forms of electoral abuse in India." Richard Allan, vice president of global policy solutions at Facebook, A news source from India told a news conference at the convention. Allan said the Task Force will work with Indian parties and will try to understand all the ways in which bad actors can manipulate platforms in India. Task Force members will be based in India, but it is not clear how far in the future.

    JsPhones launches a campaign for responsible app use.

    Train the public on how to use WhatsApp responsible for Indian carrier called Reliance Jio. Street Theater:

    WhatsApp and Jio will be visiting 10 cities in several states, including Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, on October 9th to play street games and take a positive and positive direction in WhatsApp.

    Jio plays an important role in driving India's digital revolution by empowering millions of Indians. "We are pleased to be able to organize a campaign to educate people on how to communicate easily and simply," a statement from WhatsApp said in a statement.

    Brazilian election results:

    The emergence of Brazilian extremist politician Jair Bolsonaro may sound familiar to Americans.

    Bolsonaro's first-round victory was more prominent because he was campaigning on a budget largely dependent on social media for lack of support from the main party and to set a base budget. In mid-September, the Bolsonaro campaign reported spending $ 235,000, the smallest of the $ 6.3 million it disclosed in the Haddad campaign.

    Reasons to lose in the war against fake news

    Mark Scott found that technicians were ahead of politicians as usual with the view of fake news regulations.

    Fraudulent news merchants place political advertisements in the local currency of a country in order to avoid their rule of foreign influence by masking their location and pretending to be local activists and buyers.

    New tricks, including the transition to photo-based misinformation and the use of Internet messaging services such as WhatsApp, are designed to override the old definition of what was configured.


    The viral video on the bleaching male murder weapons of Russian women was anti-Feminist propaganda.

    Megan Farokhmanesh said the video of a woman suspected of spilling water mixed with La bleach became viral. But it was a trick.

    According to a publication based in Saint Petersburg, one of the men in the video said that everything was performed and men paid the actors. "They spilled on us." He wrote a Facebook post to share the video on the deleted profile now. "The feeling of being shot and paid for in two extra pants." This video was taken at My Duck & # 39; s Vision, a studio with a Kremlin relationship specializing in virus video. My Duck & # 39; s Vision denied participation.

    Facebook hired Refdash leader to interview job preparation.

    LinkedIn competitor, Facebook, is interesting to me because few people use Facebook to post personal life posts. Anyway, it feels like LinkedIn. Josh Constine reported that the miscellaneous picked up two freshmen to use Jobs products.

    Portal announcement by Portal Echo Show contestant focused on video chat on Facebook

    It falls into the heart of what it can do and adds a good context for launch. (19659062) Facebook Messenger internally tests voice commands for chat and phone calls.

    "Facebook Messenger can soon use voice to direct and send messages and start voice calls." Josh Constine report based on Jane Manchun Wong's tweets

    Spark AR is a camera effects platform.

    Facebook has a new name for the Camera Effects Platform

    Google Privacy Policy: No, I do not agree

    Shira Ovide is a great person on how Facebook and Google infringement have important similarities. The article provides: "Consumers still can not make informed choices about protecting their digital information."

    More than a decade has passed since the era of widespread social networks and smartphones, There is no way to make informed choices about how to make your own life safe. [19659067] People do not know all the details, but when choosing to use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WeChat, iPhone and other technology products or services, companies can usually collect documents about what they read and chat with them

    Did you learn what Cambridge analysts' morale on Facebook is?

    The New York Times

    The analyst scandal caught up with Facebook in the fires of controversy, this time with Brett Kavanaugh and Brett Kavanaugh, In his intense confirmation of the Supreme Court, the free passage from the fixed country was effectively Nevertheless, the latest string of Facebook privacy failures as a result of less than a month's mid-term is to be discouraged about the possibility that things could go badly during the election period. It's not just about your personal information, it's a signal that shows how good Facebook is to handle elaborate foreign false information campaigns and where your priorities are.

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