Facebook’s head of public policy is supporting the Kavanaugh nomination, and some employees are livid

On September 27, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was shown in response to allegations of sexual assault in Parliament. Facebook global policy director Joel Kaplan was also the best friend to help him out.

I wrote a note about Kaplan's attendance and asked people on Facebook's orbit. They made it. Well, now we know. Mike Isaac of the New York Times is as follows:

Mr. With the surprise appearance of Kaplan, many of the Facebook employees were upset and shocked. I was furious and shocked among Facebook employees. Some of them implicitly supported Judge Kavanov, like Facebook's support.

According to current and former employees, hundreds of workers have posted concerns on internal bulletin boards. Last Friday, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said at a widely attended staff meeting that Mr. Kaplan was a close friend of judge Kavanaugh and violated corporate rules. did.

It seems that the document was leaked to Deepa Seetharaman of the Wall Street Journal .

On Facebook, the controversy about Kaplan represents a new division in one company. Instagram founders are still struggling with unexpected departures and the biggest data breaches in history. It is not clear what Kaplan's next assignment is only when there is a controversy.

The C family sucked at Kaplan's attendance, but at first he dismissed the employee's concerns. My favorite details in the story of Isaac went into Kaplan's schedule and I found out that actually spent 27 days in private as Kaplan said at first. In fact, it has been updated to reflect the fact that it was a personal day.)

I do not think it's worth commenting that a Facebook employee usually spends time to support the nomination of a good friend's government role. But these are not ordinary times, and this is not a normal hearing. Of the few Facebook employees whose Kavanaugh's testimony has surged, support for Kaplan's friends has become a matter of work.

As Isaac points out, Kaplan was correctly employed in . Conservative world. Facebook faces a variety of federal investigations and regulatory threats, and these days, especially the allied nations of both countries, must navigate the water. So far, Kaplan's conservatism has been regarded as a company asset.

I think there will be some excitement about a news cycle centered around executives who are still standing at free staff anywhere on Facebook's communications team. But it can also be a responsibility to protect conservative colleagues, but especially if many employees take advantage of this opportunity to work in an organization that does not have the strategic need to make the company brilliant with the Trump bureau.

Andrew Bosworth, first in 13 years, Facebook veterans and friends of Zuckerberg encouraged employees to follow their principles. Isaac again says:

"If you change your team, your company or your career and your daily life has to match your passion, we will not go see you, but we will understand," Bosworth wrote. "We will support you with the route you choose, but it is your responsibility to choose the route, not the company you go to work."

However, after the employee rebellion, Boz left his comments. "I had to listen and it was a big mistake, I wrote it in an internal post, and another meeting is scheduled for Friday, where top executives can listen to employees' concerns.


How China uses small chips to penetrate US companies

Everybody talks about this story by Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley, Said that by installing servers in nearly 30 US companies, including Apple and Amazon, spies in China have undermined the technology supply chain in the United States, both Apple and Amazon have denied the story as the strongest possible condition. It's a special event.

Fence's request from Google to stop the mobile search project

The Vice President urged Google to abandon China's ambitions US government pressure on Alphabet, Michael C. Bender and Dustin Volz

In a long list of frustrations and frustrations with the White House on Beijing, Mike Pence told companies that businesses "

" Google, for example, has for a short time strengthened the censorship of the Communist Party and the privacy of its Chinese customers, "Fence is a conservative Washington-based sink that focuses on safety and economic issues. Said in a speech at the Hudson Institute.

Nearly 90 percent of accounts that spread false information from most Twi

presidential funds continue to spread or amplify false stories, according to a new study from the Knights Magazine Foundation.

After researching millions of tweets, more than 80% of the accounts associated with the misleading information campaigns of 2016 are still posted, even after Twitter announced that it had deleted fake accounts in July I concluded.

Writing Matthew Hindman, author of Matthew Hindman of George Washington University and Vlad Barash of Graphika, a social media analyst firm, explains:

I asked you to respond to Twitter. What I got:

"First, this study was written using the public API, so I did not take any action. Take action to prevent users from seeing automatic or spammy content and accounts on Twitter. Second, the only open service, Twitter, is a key source of real-time antidote to everyday false facts. We are proud of this use case and we are proud of the people's discussions and conversations about our services.

Senator calls for federal investigations of children's apps

Two democrats have sent thousands of apps to the Federal Trade Commission I asked you to investigate whether you violated the Children's Online Privacy Act. is. Jennifer Valentino-DeVries and Natasha Singer Report:

Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts and Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said on Wednesday that thousands of apps in the Federal Trade Commission were improperly tracking their children and "

The law requires that sites and apps targeted at children under the age of thirteen (13) years of age have access to e-mail addresses, It is required to obtain verifiable usage rights from parents before gathering details such as precise location, phone number, or permanent digital ID code used in behavioral advertising.

How the largest social network in China fights fake news [19659031] WeChat publishes the best rumor every month.

Europe draws a new line of battle over the ethics of massive data

Giovanni Buttarelli, Data Protection Commissioner for the European Union, says " TechCrunch Technology giants have ignored the new privacy regulations and said they will no longer use them.

"We were not grateful for the tsunami of millions of user accounts, which was an ambiguous language, and when many people saw spam, they sometimes required unnecessary contracts as a new privacy policy at the perimeter. "

He says he is" not surprised "about the latest security breach on Facebook . On Friday, he said that the company was"

Snap CEO sets revenue targets for 2019 and sets new strategic goals for employees

Evan Spiegel wants "all big tech companies". According to a 6,500-word memo held by Alex Heath in his hand, (It's an important day to help my rivals get jealous of me! I have a signal too.) I will chew on this all night, but now it's fun Spiegel's funny snaps Details:

of Michigan) is the second largest face-to-face conversation when Snapchat generates positive emotions.

Snapchat interaction is associated with positive feelings from Facebook and other social technologies and researchers.

Hootsuite is a social media analytics platform that explores sales: sources

Hootsuite makes a widely used platform for managing social media, and Liana B. Baker and Carl are worth over $ 750 million O '' Donnell report

Unilad: Facebook viral publisher goes into administration.

One of the people who posted the most virus content on Facebook is nearing bankruptcy.

Video content Facebook viewers can be the fourth largest social network publishers in August, according to analyst firm NewsWhip data, Facebook recently announced that it will give priority to high quality news in user feeds did.

Many Bible publishers have been struggling to convert large profits into profitable business models because of the high cost of creating customized native ads. A source in the advertising industry suggested many agencies before Thursday to cut deals with Unilad.

Instagram COO Marne Levine: App is safe after the founder's Facebook exit

Former Instagram COO and new Facebook director of global partnerships and business development, Marne Levine, said this week at the conference, I briefly spoke about it. She admitted that it was "unexpected".

Though she did not anticipate the moment, the founder thought that "the vision … has fundamentally changed the way we connect and share" would mean that after spending six years on Facebook to pilot Instagram Work. She has a billion users and "a thriving and growing business" with 13 employees and a "no business" photo sharing platform when the social media giant took over Instagram, and more than 2 million active advertisers and former There are more than 1,000 employees worldwide. She said:

When technology is better than you

Tristan Harris, historian and co-founder of Yuval Noah Harari and Time Well Spent, discussed the future of artificial intelligence with Wired. Editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson. There's a lot to chew in here, but that's just an amazing story about how thought leaders are meeting these days.

YNH: On the Antarctic expedition, we invited the Chilean government to Congress. The future to talk about the future of mankind and a part of the congress was an expedition to Antarctica's Chilean base to see global warming with our own eyes. It was still very cold and there were many interesting people on this expedition.

TH: Many philosophers and Nobel laureates. And I think we are particularly concerned with Michael Sandel, philosopher of moral philosophy.

Teens posting the same thing every day in Instagram

Earlier this week, Alyssa Bereznak comically tweeted Instagram accounts. Post the same picture daily. Taylor Lorenz is already working on a version of this book today. I enjoy it.

Subtitles and stories change while this account posts the same photo every day. Some teens who run a personal account use their pages as diary or anonymous blogs to post about life and what happens in school or post about how it feels. "I had to pack all day and I was on the plane for 8 hours today," wrote the owner of an account posting the same watermelon photo every day. "Yes the girl graduated from grade 8," said the owner of @ same_picture_of_kun. "I was late on the first day of summer school."

Miranda (14), who takes the same picture with Kuma Quatt with two high school friends, said. They started the account with de-stressor and outlet. "It is not personal photography, but a description of personal life," she said.


Instagram's Nametag makes it easy for you to follow the people you meet.


Instagram Introduces a version of Snapcodes that follows people by taking a unique "name tag" picture. What is even more interesting to me is the test described here, where college students are invited to create a more complete Instagram profile, including schools. It will then be added to a directory that can be found by anyone else in the school. Facebook is Benjamin.

Instagram adds location records as part of its efforts to implement Snap Map style functionality in Instagram. (I guess Josh Constine is about local ad serving.)

Yahoo goes back to messaging with IRC-inspired Yahoo Together.

Did Yahoo create a new messaging app for some reason?

Financial, Media, and Confounding Confidence

John Authers has a long, reflective opinion on how social media has contributed to the erosion of trust in journalism. The dangerous thing will turn out to be the next financial crisis. Sad and cool:

All the most obvious policy responses are at risk. Regulating social media now in illness and in ugliness can be an advantage, but it can be the thin end of a very long wedge. If transparency and political oversight of the central bank is strengthened, it is possible to restore confidence but it is necessary to maintain independence from politicians at risk of political system. A decade ago, it was a wonder to rehabilitate the white-collar crime system to avoid scandals that escaped a large number of escaped prisoners, but it would not have been the case if they committed or demonstrated a scapegoat.

As a matter of fact, I am definitely clear. Without the trust of the financial institution itself, the people working within it, or the media that deal with them, the next crisis can be far more deadly than the last crisis. Ask JP Morgan.

And finally …

Since Instagram, the new FiDi Pasta Shop has its own name.

In June, Instagram's popularity wrote a long feature on how to transform a bar, restaurant into a more colorful, kitschy, and anomalous version. themselves. Today the trend has come to a logical conclusion with a New York City pasta restaurant that gives its full value proposition to name its own Pastagram and take pictures of food.

However, food is not completely central. Pastagram is not just bright, turquoise decor in space, but also extends the angle of social media, promising "photo phenomenon" details in every dish. "Every detail is thought to be the most photographed possible, and the aesthetic is as important as food quality today," says the press.

I know.

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