Facebook’s growth continues to slow down

The age of nonstop growth in Facebook is just over. The company is far from the start of the downsizing, but it seems that growth has stopped and is sometimes declining in the US and Canada as well as in Europe.

According to the third quarter of 2018 performance report, the number of active users per day in the US and Canada was 185 million, and the number of users in Europe was 279 million, It has been reduced to one million. The latter may be a direct result of recent European privacy regulations such as the recent GDPR. GDPR caused Facebook to lose 1 million users in May for the first time in May.

Overall, the company is growing steadily, thanks to international expansion, with a daily active user base of 9.1% year-on-year, totaling 1.47 billion. The total number of active users per month was 2.72 billion, up 10% from a year ago.

But with it, the company continues to grow at a phenomenal pace, and the rate of Facebook growth continues to decline quarterly and year after year. It also does not grow anymore in the markets with the most revenue per user (North America and Europe). Therefore, critics and analysts are concerned about the future due to the fear of more users leaving and the lack of new users, and the declining advertising revenue.

Facebook reported that advertising revenue rose 33 percent to $ 13.73 billion, according to Wall Street analysts. Profits were well above analysts' expectations of $ 1.76 per share. Monthly and daily active user increases are all included in Wall Street forecasts. Nonetheless, the company warned investors and the press about the case this quarter after experiencing the biggest drop in US equity markets last quarter. Thus, Facebook stock prices are stable and stable in after-hours trading.

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