Facebook’s former CSO says that the US must ‘come together to protect’ democracy from misinformation

Alex Stamos, who recently served as Chief Security Officer (CBS) on Facebook, said Facebook could previously respond to Russian intervention on its platform on The Washington Post -ed issued today. But he insisted it was a much bigger issue than Facebook. Congress should amend the law on political advertisers and social media users should "adapt to the media environment where dozens of gatekeepers are no longer controlling what is news worth".

Stamos recently added to New York Times checked one of the details of how the social media company slowed down the Russian-linked activities and then talked to Facebook's board and yelled at him. His team was still trying to clarify the scope of the misinformation about the platform and later apologized.

He says that Facebook and other technology companies made a mistake in 2016, saying it was "hard to see how the tools could be misused" because "they were so fascinated by the usability of our products." He specifically calls on Facebook to say that the company has been trying to minimize the issue for too long and "responded to this threat much sooner and had to be more openly public."

However, he said that the issue faced by Facebook around cybercrime in Russia was to block US intelligence agencies and the US government did not help much later There is a lot of criticism about. . He also says major media have amplified false information and achieved the goal of an online information analysis campaign, saying that technology companies are not simply ready to understand geopolitical threats.

Ultimately, he points out that there is very little that the entire United States can do. "Congress needs to systematize standards for political advertising." He argues that current law is obsolete in decades and is the type of platform that exists today. We need a new law that limits Facebook, Google, and Twitter to a political statement that divides a small part of the "micro target [ing]" that should be part of the effort instead of quietly opposing it. " Whilst reporters are better informed of the wrong information, the press must first find a way to best cover such things as leaked data without helping the bad actors who commit the leak.

Ultimately, foreign invasions are successful because participants are willing to help participants unconsciously. . We do not live in a world where the majority of the US population gets news from three dominant television networks, and because Stamos has many stores in the media environment, "the last line of defense will always be a citizen"

It will be important how Facebook works. Earlier this week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company would make more efforts to change the way content is delivered to users, to emphasize sensory and erroneous information, and to prevent people from posting it first. . Stamos plays his part. Yesterday, he announced the opening of the Stanford Internet Observatory to help Silicon Valley and Washington DC solve the problem.

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