Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text

Facebook says it stored millions of passwords from Instagram users in plain text, leaving them exposed to people with access to certain internal systems. The security lapse was reported for the first time last month, but at that time, Facebook said it had only happened to "tens of thousands of Instagram users," while the number is now being revised to "millions." The problem also affected "hundreds of millions." of Facebook Lite users "and" tens of millions of other Facebook users "

Passwords should be stored in an encrypted format that allows websites to confirm what you enter without reading it directly, but as Krebs on Security reported for the first time, several errors appear to have caused Facebook systems to register some passwords in plain text since 2012. Facebook noticed the problem in January and said in March that the problem had been

Passwords were stored on Facebook and were available to more than 20,000 employees, according to Krebs Facebook says it investigated access to passwords and did not He found "evidence of abuse or misuse." He also says that passwords were not exposed externally, Facebook does not seem to be actively recommending that people Change your passwords.

"This is a problem that has already been widely reported, but we want to make it clear that we simply learned that there were more passwords stored in this way." A Facebook spokesman said in a statement.

Today's update simply extends the scope of the security lapse. Facebook has had a particularly bad year when it comes to security issues: Cambridge Analytica, a giant hack, another trick, and this news comes the same day we discovered that Facebook had been accessing and storing the email contacts of some users without their permission. after encouraging users to submit their passwords to email addresses. Facebook says it will contact all the people whose Instagram passwords were stored incorrectly.

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