Facebook says it will restore groups infiltrated by saboteurs

Facebook tries to "restore" several groups that were accidentally deleted or affected by "interfering". "The Verge social network said," After we detected content that violated our policy, we removed several groups from Facebook. "After the investigation, the content says," We posted a legitimate, nonviolent group as sabotage. "We are working to restore all affected groups and to prevent" recurrence. "

The situation began on May 13. Cronsovers Nobody Ask For For (CNAF), which boasts more than 500,000 members Facebook 's famous meme account abruptly stopped, and the managers of this group attempted to gather the users into a new group. "Crossovers did not ask anyone about Season 2 & # 39;

Know Your Meme IReC attacked by a screen shot of a group of CNAF members known as the Indonesian Reporting Commission (IReC), which celebrates the pages of the CNAF. Facebook will not confirm whether the Indonesian reporting committee that brought up the groups and pages that were suspended by posting and bulk reporting suspicious content has made a false report.

As news grew rapidly, thousands of popular Facebook pages were switched from "private" mode to "private" mode, preventing them from being blocked by themselves. A closed Facebook group needs an administrator to approve someone's subscription request, but can not actually discover a secret group. The group operator must personally invite someone. You just can not retrieve it.

facebook says it will restore groups infiltrated by saboteurs


Attacks on two well-known groups were seemingly isolated, but a significant number of Facebook users felt. People complained that their groups (19459024) about Facebook and Twitter were notified by recognizing changes in status from "private" to "secret." Others have patience with their group members when they are lying down. Facebook users have started calling it "The Great Zuccening of 2019" or "Groupocalypse" in some cases.

This case is mainly focused on popular meme pages and group networks. The fear of stopping or prohibiting Facebook 's algorithm – based reporting system is supposed to be supported by ongoing AI efforts and emphasizes the nature of the social network intervention approach.

Facebook has had trouble keeping track of user uploaded content for a long time. Such a problem needs to be blocked evenly when the viral content, such as Christchurch shooting, is a graphic video that actually violates several rules, a heavy attitude toward nudity that brought popular illustrations and erroneous pictures. This is a relatively anodized situation involving MIM pages, but some of the most active groups on the platform and some of the pages are baffled extensively, so the user has no faith in the company's ability to anticipate this problem in advance and prevent fallout It shows the number. .

BoJack Horseman shitposts Know Your Meme posted a link explaining the situation to the descriptor and told members "Frank Scarsella The first time I knew what was happening after some of the members started to throw these notifications.

"Some of my groups were much more likely to be targets, and frankly they let my team members know about our own movements," Scarsella said.

When there was another group of notification flags between Scarsella and his moderators, there was a dialogue and discussed whether or not to close his group in response. "Because the majority of the team is the most important to me, the comfort of the group is always important," Scarsella added.

As Scarsella said, "It's safer than sorry" is probably the reason for Facebook's horror. Don Caldwell, managing editor of Know Your Meme thinks that after the user started receiving group status change notifications, stories about the suspicious Facebook group reporting hundreds of thousands of popular pages began to spread. People were pretty scared. "

" It's been a big deal because all the spam alerts and rumors that have spread to all members have been posted to that group, "Caldwell said.

Problems with changing groups from private to private If the status does not change within 24 hours, the group should remain confidential for 28 days. Though it is not a big deal for a thinner group based on an intimate community (Facebook's recent attempt to promote it) It's important for pages that want to build a membership base. Caldwell can not predict whether a group will remain secret for a moment or whether it will start going back, but people are scared enough that all the precautions are being taken. Even Scarsella, who does not think "to report," is concerned about possible repercussions.

"This group is a very important community for many people. I have included myself, "Scarsella said." There is always a concern that the platform can remove the community. I would like to say that [we’re] is a little anxious but anxious, but it will give us great repercussions. "

Some of the groups removed from the original mass report, including a crossover that no one ever asked, have since come back to Facebook.

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