Facebook reportedly avoids US government wiretap of Messenger voice calls

A local court judge in California rejected a joint federal and state government task force in favor of Facebook, urging social networking companies to eavesdrop on Messenger voice calls for court contempt, Reuter reports .

This case was first filed last month, reported by the Justice Department as despising the court for refusing to request eavesdropping on an ongoing investigation into MS-13 gangs. Because IM calls are made over a cellular data connection or Wi-Fi, they are not subject to the same wiretapping as standard phone calls that law enforcement officials can obtain and access the appropriate warranties.

Law enforcement agencies did not prevent technology companies from urging them to support these requests, and sometimes they could not break their own encryption or bypass it. In that sense, the case has some resemblance to the conflict between Apple and the FBI rather than releasing the iPhone from a suspect in the 2015 San Bernardino shooting. Like Apple, Reuters announced that Facebook has refused to change or tweak its software to provide a backdoor to the user's private conversation. Despite the main differences between Apple and Facebook's processing, the judge's ruling seems to have made a supporting decision. Using User Data and Encryption

As with the initial report on DOJ's request for Facebook to break the messenger's encryption of eavesdropping, this case has not yet been released, so there is no public document or record of the judge's Facebook verdict There is not yet. Decisions that prevent Facebook from weakening or removing encryption from messenger are likely to be precedent for protecting user privacy in future cases. As technology companies continue to conflict, they will appear more frequently in the future. Law enforcement on privacy and encryption.

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