Facebook quietly launches a TikTok competitor app called Lasso

Facebook quietly launched an app called Lasso, which allows users to create funny and short videos that can compete with TikTok, a 15-second video app that recently merged with Music. Laszlo is winning the teenager with the latest bid on Facebook. Large social media platforms have lost that hold. In 2018, only half of 100,000 people said they use Facebook, and in 2014, 71% used Facebook. This app was first reported to have been developed at the end of October.

In the Lasso, users can record dances and lip syncs to music, similar to what you can already do in TikTok. You can also use this app to record short clips like Vines. Available on iOS and Android. Facebook said The Verge : "The Lasso is a new standalone app for short, funny videos from comedy to beauty to fitness. We are excited about the potential here You'll get feedback from people and creators. "

Instagram lets you log into Lasso or create an account using Facebook. You must approve your app to access your profile page, photos, and videos. Once the setup is complete, you can auto-play the short video by scrolling it several times. The hashtags are prominently displayed at the bottom, and you can also filter the content with tags, like other social media platforms. So far, we've been able to share Lasso videos as Facebook stories and later share them as Instagram stories. You also can not make your profile private.

When I logged on, I saw Vinny doing trick-rope tricks called "Psycho" by his friends. Malone. In another video, two women were skillfully dancing on Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You". Finally, in an impressive athletic event, six men overturned the upside down woman named "I Like It" by Cardi B.

The snare has already a lot of content. Facebook is similar to what was already on Facebook Watch during the initial launch. Facebook has probably released apps to the beta user community to this day. Like a Facebook watch, a snare can be two years late. Bytedance's TikTok, known as China's Douyin, has continued since 2016.

Facebook was strangely silent about the launch of Lasso. There is no official statement on the website. Andy Huang, product manager for Facebook, announced the release of the app, and later Lapel professional product manager Bowen Fans (19459017) tweeted on Twitter (19459018).

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