Facebook keeps asking for our trust even as it loses control of our data

The good news about Facebook data leakage has impacted a smaller number of people than previously believed – a rare occurrence in cybersecurity. The bad news is that the type of stolen data is very personal and can have bad effects on the 14 million people affected.

Facebook held a morning press conference to discuss new details on the violations found last month. Russell Brandom :

According to today's statement, hackers steal access tokens for 30 million accounts (modified from initial estimate of 50 million). Of the 30 million hackers, hackers have added more information to their primary contact information (name and email or phone number) for 14 million accounts and 15 recent searches for gender, religion, location, device information and additional 15 million accounts. You have access. There was no information for the remaining 1 million accounts.

Guy Rosen, vice president of product management at Facebook, said at a press conference, "I really take this case seriously."

Make sure your account is affected here. (It was not mine, and I could not provide an important opportunity to post a Twitter complaint about the situation.) Fortunately, all the technical reporters I followed seem to be compromised.

Charlie Warzel Affected people should be alert for:

Repeated bear is a personal privacy invasion. Ripple effects can be inconspicuous for weeks or months, but they can be misused and exposed as long as your personal information is floating on the Internet. What do people need to get that information back? For those users who have an e-mail address and a telephone number leaked by an attack, the two-factor authentication becomes much more difficult . Slate Oremus pointed out that unlike passwords location records and search history are not something that can be changed unlike passwords. "If your password is stolen, your password changes, you get hurt and you keep going, but if all your personal information is stolen, you can not change it, and you can harass you for the rest of your life."

They offered free credit monitoring on Facebook to take care of the victims. The company has been a mother when it comes to this topic so far. The FBI is investigating and asked not to tell Facebook on the company who suspects responsibility for the attack.

Sarah Frier pointed out that the worst of the damage would be 400,000 people. Attacker's entry point. (When you look at your profile, you will be reminded that you could exploit a series of bugs when viewing your profile.) These people should worry about hackers in addition to profile data about their hometowns. Check the timeline posts and recent Messenger conversation names. In particular, the attack also affected users who used two-factor authentication in their account.

What should I do with all of this? It turns out that a few weeks after Facebook's announcement of the violation, I am not sure if anyone is smarter than obvious and certain. It's another blow to people's trust in Facebook. (2) When the company asks us to trust more than ever.

The violation is the story of all the stories about Facebook's Portal video phone so far. Announced on Monday. This week, the head of health research at Facebook became the background to promote the idea of ​​a hospital sharing anonymous patient data with the company. A testimony to the newspaper advertisement on Facebook earlier this year said, "We are responsible for protecting your information. If we can not, we are not worth it."

For a long enough time, All data may be violated. Some security researchers are asking the company to keep as little data about the customer as possible in order to minimize damage when unavoidable events occur. As an advertising agency, Facebook can not easily adopt this approach. However, when Google decides to leave the camera at home theater, we can adjust the other way we require our trust. Or most executives demanding personal information can not be put on the stage, but they are anonymously handled and millions of data leakage incidents are still being investigated.

Instead of full speed.

Perhaps Facebook has too many privacy flaps. However, once lost trust is difficult to recover. Facebook was appropriate and open to violations in a way that could restore trust in the user base. But the story this week was constantly damaging them elsewhere in the company.


Tell the Senator that the Chinese search engine censored by the Google CEO can give "a variety of benefits".

Ryan Gallagher Google CEO Sundar Pichai sends a letter to six senators on the Project Dragonfly theme:

Pichai is using censored search and 'blacklist' of websites And did not answer the nine specific questions asked by Senators. Pichai says, "Is there a phrase or word that Google refuses to censor?"

Instead, Pichai wrote: "China is open to our desire to provide services to users in other countries.We are considering various options on how to provide services in China in a manner consistent with our mission … [W] We can confirm that our work continues to reflect the best assessment of the best way to serve people around the world, as outlined in our mission and code of conduct. And your staff. "

Army specialists explain why social media has become a new battleground.

Andrew Liptak talks about his new book LikeWar: Social [WeaponizationofSocial Media How bad actors attacked social media platforms and propagated inconsistencies and misinformation.

SINGER: The telegraph and then the phone allowed us to personally connect from far away at a speed that we were not able before. Many people were able to broadcast through radio and TV. Social media combines the two to enable unprecedented, simultaneous personal connections, but provides the ability to reach the world. The problem was that these connections were free and destructive. It freed communication but was also jointly chosen to help its evil parts. Thanks to the speed and scale, this evil part has avoided many fires that society has built to protect itself. In fact, I often think of a quote from a retired US Army officer's book that explained how a fool was in a village. Now, the Internet is gathered together to become stronger.

Social media usage and political knowledge in two US presidential elections

Does Facebook provide more information on political issues? Sangwon Lee and Michael Xenos of the University of Wisconsin in Wisconsin have used this survey and statistical analysis to investigate the problem. Ultimately, the author concludes that frequent use of Facebook can reduce information about politics . The overall effect on political knowledge is minimal. It will be announced in January issue. These psychological mechanisms indicate that actual knowledge may not be obtained if you are frequently exposed to news content. This situation is related to news posts on Facebook as users become more and more exposed to political content as they visit the site. News articles shared by existing news media outlets or user-created content shared by your own social network members. This can lead to misconceptions that Facebook can stay updated even if Facebook is actively seeking news. What really happens is that most people get a little knowledge on Facebook because they skip political content rather than do much cognitive processing. Perhaps a misunderstanding of knowledge can lead users to negative news of their political knowledge by seeking news elsewhere or by paying attention to news in general.

Microsoft chief executive advocates federal privacy laws for state efforts

Satya Nadella demanded a single federal law this week.

"I hope there are more privacy laws," Nadella said in an interview Wednesday. Bloomberg News, US Naval Academy News Annapolis, Maryland, discussed midway people and leadership.

Nedilla defines his privacy as "human rights."

WhatsApp is on its way to steal fake news in India

] Sankalp Phartiyal goes on postponing actors about fake news and WhatsApp in India. – And I have a video of Skits! This story is a blessing.

The campaign is not completely altruistic. It operates with Reliance Jio, a fast-growing communications company controlled by billionaire Mukesh Ambani. You can use WhatsApp at JioPhone $ 20.

Guidelines on how to install and use JioPhone For the first time, tens of millions of low-income Indians on the Internet are part of a 10-city road show.

Falsification of voter fraud is rampant in the Brazilian presidential election.

False information from Brazil during the current presidential election:

This false information asserts that Fernando Hadad, a left-wing presidential candidate, won nearly 10,000 votes from 777 people and that Lupi abandoned the day after the election did. Another photo falsely claimed that Aos Fatos had voted for the polls on October 7 to vote in a polling station to expose his identity. There is even a suspect on the voting machine fraud.

Why? Nalon said fraudsters are trying to strangle the election.

"It's an election story, in fact it's the most relevant trick," she said. "People are going to attack the electronic voting system to justify whatever the winner of the election."


YouTube is cracking down on creators posting duplicate content.

YouTube wants to reduce uploads of spam content by preventing creators from making money.

A few days ago, YouTube posted on the Help Forum to explain to those who may have removed "duplicate content" from the Partner Program, which is related to fair use and videos that do not create copyright and value. For YouTube, it means "what appears to be auto-generated" or "from a third-party source that does not have a description or description added by the creator." Otherwise, "Multiple uploads by multiple users." Original uploader or "content uploaded in the manner of surrounding copyright tools"

YouTube star accused of profiting from fan depression

YouTubers is publishing sincere videos about mental health issues. Then I guide the fans to the shady online counselor.

82 non-profit organizations that want to host businesses responsible for bad behavior complained about this app. In the Reddit thread, multiple users describe an overcharged charge (because the purchased plan did not know that they were charging the full annual rate), and the app's agent insists that it is not responding or helpful. I refused treatment.

As Polygon pointed out, BetterHelp's Terms of Service do not warrant that a qualified professional can guarantee. "We do not control the quality of the counselor service and do not determine whether the counselor is properly qualified to provide the service and whether the counselor has been correctly classified or correctly matched." Counselor services are conducted by qualified and licensed professionals, /

Facebook accidentally deleted live video of some people

(19659050) This time, the user's data was not exposed but the Facebook bug removed it. If an unpredicted Facebook flaw causes an attempt to post a user's live video to a story or news feed after the broadcast is over, the user's live video has been removed. Facebook has removed the number of affected users or the number of life streams I did not say, but the bug

The Zuck 's Summit Learning Program is a program that allows students to learn how to use the Zuck' s Summit Learning Program

Nick Tabor is skeptical but skeptical Mark Zuckerberg sees the Supersted Learning Program he lends to his engineers and says he's a parent revolt in CT's Cheshire. As Tabor pointed out, hundreds of other communities have happily adopted Summit's learning skills. The overall skepticism about Zuckerberg and Facebook is that the general public has the risk of poisoning the program (Zuckerberg wrote about Summit when he first took part. One student actually liked it.)

Facebook prototype, which was less than six months after Zuckerberg withdrew its message

Facebook is working on building a previously available "unsend" feature.


Facebook gaming hub Fb.gg launches beta on Android

This summer, Facebook launched its rival in gaming streaming. site twitch called Fb.gg. Mobile apps for Android are now available.

When you first navigate in an Instagram, tap to test the post instead of scrolling.

Have you ever experienced a thumb-related injury related to scrolling a feed for several hours a day? If so, this test will allow you to simply attach your feet to the screen to load fresh content until your phone dies.


Outvote is a text message that has become friends with a friend. Apps for political campaigns. When you download it, you can participate in surveys by finding the friends registered at the polling place and providing the scripts that the campaign provides.

Firefox Election Bundle

"Election Bundle" (1) prevents Facebook from tracking you on the web for advertising purposes and (2) collects political ads in a news feed and sends them to ProPublica. However, [T65]

leaves a note on the media. Stop Trump's fake news proliferation.

Greg Sargent tells publishers to stop liking their tweets. "When people see things in social media, Trump often cites the FBI," says Silverman, "and it's just a headline you often see," he said. "In the headline, false or misleading claims are spreading false information. And social media is pouring gasoline into the fire. "

This is an important insight, and although the situation has improved in recent months, many traditional journalists and news organizations are still refusing to take it seriously: a news company that speaks politicians' false, ambiguous or unsupported claims

Saudi Arabia issue in Silicon Valley

Anand Giridharadas said that it is time for technology companies to stop blaming Saudis money, saying that human rights abuses :

Mohammed bin Salman carefully looks at himself as a reformer and is distancing himself from past Saudi leaders. Saudi Arabia's rulers have recently joined Silicon Valley to discuss potential cooperation between US technology companies and Saudi Arabia Visiting On his trip, he explored Facebook, smiled with Mark Zuckerberg, and smiled at Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos) and walked with Google's Sergey Brin until he disappeared Khashoggi 19659072] Kanye West, Donald Trump and the rise of Human Clickbait

Max Read In the context of a recent debate on social media and mental illness, look at the Thursday summit between Donald Trump and Kanye West.

Eccentricity, behavior, celebrity and interest are clearly not new dynamics: Tom Cruise or Charlie Sheen But the news that social media and its dominance encourage is that you and your The fastest and most reliable way to deal with it in an environment that act in a manner consistent with psychosis. It is sick in a clinical situation. This is true in politics in which irregular behavior and market manipulation are particularly compelling theories about the two sides of the same coin, Elon Musk or Donald Trump, which can get tens of thousands of followers. It is in entertainment. What is needed to succeed in an economy where interest is a reserve currency is a series of attributes that appear to be a minor frequency in DSM.

And finally …

Deepfakes helped Charli XCX imitate the latest Spice Girls. Music Video

Discussions on "deepfakes" – Changed videos to look like real people are doing things that they have never done before – mainly focusing on the potential to tell the end. Less discussion is what you can do for music videos. Here is James Vincent talking to Ryan Staake. Ryan Staake used this technology to create the latest video "1999" from Charli XCX.

"1999" video is a perfect use case for Deepfake. Among them, Charli and Troye Sivan pay homage to various touchstones of the 1990s such as Steve Jobs, TLC's "Waterfalls" music video, Titanic Nokia 3310, The Sims . In two ways, the video maker used the same basic deep-fetching algorithm to paste Charice and Sivan's faces to dancers who mimic Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.

"As you begin to think about the complexity of going in and out, Staake says, the costume and make-up ratio will be five times longer for each of those characters. "So it was a practical solution in some ways, but we also began to reproduce its bizarreness and aesthetics, which is one of the things that make sure that some of the excitement just works. Can I use it? "

I've thought about it, but when I get balanced I'm still very nervous.

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