Facebook is rolling out a redesigned Messenger focused on simplicity

Facebook today announces a redesigned version of Messenger and intends to concentrate on chatting again. After years of profit-centered bots, games, payments and other distractions, the company is returning messenger basics. All the additional widgets are still in the app, but they are hidden where you can ignore them. The new Messenger is still pushing business goals across apps, but it's the first and only lightest utility in the world.

"Messenger is really powerful," says David Breger. App manager. "But if you see this, I do not know that the first word you use is" simple. "Breger has been working on previous versions of apps that have expanded into nine other apps in the past 50 years . Tab.

It's worth talking briefly about how messy Messenger is. There were tabs for games, people, and business. There were tabs for friends, groups, and past calls that currently open the app. The button to start a new text message was a small rectangle next to the search box, and the most prominent real estate was reserved for buttons to take pictures and videos.

facebook is rolling out a redesigned messenger focused on simplicity

In Messenger, there was a temporary story called work. This story was posted on your chat. Each time you share a personal photo, Messenger has offered to publish it publicly. (I accidentally did so many times.) Day eventually died in favor of the cross-posted Facebook story, but the bad taste still remained.

Messenger was born as a simple way for Facebook users to send messages to each other as they browse pages on the desktop. However, in 2014, he pulled out his own messenger with a mobile app and took on former PayPal's chairman David Marcus. Facebook executives sought to emulate it, noting the huge success that China's WeChat has become a digital wallet and identity system.

"We have done a lot in the past few years, but [Messenger] was not as simple as the app we started when we first started out." Stan Chudnovsky, who took over Messenger earlier this year, Operate departments. "We have made the decision here: we can continue to build, or we can build a new foundation on which to build simple and powerful functions over something new and back to the root."

I am sympathetic to the challenges faced by the messenger team. Their goal is to build large businesses around the world of commercial (and costly) messaging applications. It is difficult. Ask Snap. Also, users may complain about the extension of Messenger as a whole, but this app is more than 1.3 billion per month. Everything on this scale is used by millions of people. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to use all of the functions.

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But I had to do something. Facebook recently surveyed users, 70% told the company that the most important quality of a good messaging app is simplicity. This new messenger that Facebook saw at the developer conference in May unifies what it once did. (19659009) The new Messenger, which was previewed at Facebook at the developer conference in May, has returned to the drawing board, which can not completely eliminate functionality. There are nine tabs divided into three. It's still a familiar feeling. As before, the app opens in Chat. This design uses a bit more space, but you can see the same number of chats on one screen (six). The large photo / video button on the floor has disappeared. Replaced with a small camera icon next to the icon to send a new text message.

The central tab is called "People" and acts as a phone book. You'll see a handwriting picture next to your name and the first person to actively use Messenger in your Contact List. Tap this picture to send a casual "wave" to your friend. Consistency between old messenger and new ones has been maintained. You always want to start a new conversation with your friends and encourage them to use more apps. It is the only description that can explain the numbered badges on the People tab that tell you how long people are active. I do not know what to do with the information that 77 of my friends are seeing IM, but now I know. (The badge disappears because your friends can hide their active activity if you like.)

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One of the more confusing things about the new messenger is that the conversation is shown twice. Messenger will blend with your friends' photos and reappear on the People tab sitting on top of the phonebook. In the redesign that started from the principle of simplicity, I feel that duplication around the story is hard to justify. Facebook initially removed the story from the People tab, but the test group required it to come back. Nothing was a test group.

The last tab is called "Discovery", and there are games in the Business and "For You" section. Theoretically, they are personalized, but in reality they are not relevant. My biggest suggestion is to let me know the secret of learning English. It is a rather strict criticism of my work. There are a variety of robots that can interfere with insurance companies, cleaning services, games and news, sports scores, fortune telling and other information all day long. The Search tab has a secondary tab called "Business" with a branding directory.

With the tab integration, the messenger team has created some tricks for individual chats. Now the color of the chat changes to a gradient and scrolls up and down. look good. You can also provide aliases for anyone in any chat, which is useful for fishing purposes. There's a cool new move to start phone calls and video chat. When you swipe a person's name, a related icon is displayed. Over the next few months, Messenger plans to add a sharply shaped darker mode.

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Of course, chat still has features. All chats give you the option to send text, emoji, stickers, voice memos, photos or videos. Clicking on the four new dot icons will accumulate all the information you think of as a junk drawer in Messenger: location sharing, games, GIFs, bots, and alerts. (Exactly who is using Messenger as a reminder app?)

Last week I sent using Messenger, and I am a fan of that shabby look and feel. By default, Messenger's favorite age arrived shortly after pulling out of Facebook's flagship app. Basically, it was a text messaging app with a lot of cute stickers. Redesign is a rarity that goes back to that direction and leaves the company ambitious to focus on customer satisfaction. In fact, the new messenger is not as fast as streamlined. There are few things you do not want, and there are more things you do. Changes in speed are welcome.

Nick Statt contributed to this report.

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