Facebook is pushing out its most creative skeptics

Yesterday I wrote about what Brian Acton and David Marcus saw in the acquisition of WhatsApp and what it means to the future of Facebook.

The end of much attention.

According to former lifelong entrepreneur and founder Marcus, others did not pick up any other part of the Marcus memo. I have no other big company to work with, no other leader I work with. I want to study the hard questions that have a positive impact on the lives of billions of people all over the world. Facebook is truly the only company about people. It is not a device sale. It's not about delivering goods with less friction. It does not make you happy. It does not help to find information. About people. Because people are not always behaving in a predictable way (algorithms are the same thing), it's hard but worth it. Connecting people is a noble mission, and the bad is far superior to good.

Ben Thompson says, "Facebook does not even risk the possibility of goodwill."

Motivation doubtlessly has an undoubted worldview. The way of thinking that emphasizes the world view with missionary's enthusiastic mind and "justifies purpose" is an agony.

Matt Levine is similarly disturbed by Marcus' zeal. Silicon Valley mission-led companies can lead to darker places than old-fashioned dedication to maximize returns for shareholders, he says. (I say once again: Matt Levine deserves a Pulitzer Prize for comment this year.) "Shareholder value is not about the inspiring mission of anybody," he writes. "

If the goal of Facebook is to sell targeted ads to apparel advertising companies and find out that it has the ability to maximize profits and genocide, the ad is worth it. Compromise is weaker if it's about "noble duty" to "connect." If "Facebook is truly the only company about people" … nevertheless … how do you even measure people? If you are the only company that focuses on these people, what you do is a good thing – your goal is too ambiguous and noble to justify any means. Based on simple considerations, Facebook can not really answer its shareholders, "Mark Zuckerberg said," Facebook was not originally created as a company. "

Brian Acton, Jan Koum, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger appear to be a little different in this regard, on the one hand, they simply left the big business that they eventually acquired as founders, The founder of WhatsApp focused on strong end-to-end encryption and a strong belief in non-ad-based business models. Instagram founders needed to become more aware of Facebook notifications and other corporate graffiti

Mark Zuckerberg has always had the legal authority to operate the company as he wants, but for the last 50 years he has been creating his own original creative product I was able to experiment with new designs and business models by releasing leaders.

Now they have disappeared: Kara Swisher is the latest in the New York Times article on Systrom and Krieger were called on Facebook not to be "team players" and were considered irritating in the strange cohesive culture of the company

because that's what Facebook needs

The company says there is already a lot of feedback in its 30,000 jobs. It's a shame to say that it's a good idea to have a groupthink that includes stubborn resistance to admitting and resolving a company's flaws for too long. (Based on the employee's internal postings on the controversial memo, I found these inconsistencies earlier this year ) The company employs a variety of top positions, including Communications and Policy Officers and Chief Marketing Officers, to include some new and positive friction in the mix.

Ultimately, Zuckerberg is now surrounded by people who see him like Marcus.


Joa Kaplan found out that at the Kavanaugh hearing he became a stunning Facebook policy director.

Joel Kaplan goes to support. His friend Brett Kavanaugh at the hearing today. Matt Yglesias, head of global policy at Facebook, claims that there is no such thing as supporting Kavanaugh in his personal ability when considering the company's previous regulatory issues.

Vietnamese prisoners for anti-government Facebook posts Second week this week

Melanie Ehrenkranz reports news about the anti-democratic trend in Vietnam

A conviction reflects the government's criticized media repression efforts, according to Reuters, "

His prison sentence was similar to that of a post on Facebook, but he was convicted," according to police, his authorities are hurting the reputation and leadership of the party and the country. " It comes a few days after I sentenced my brother. On Monday, Doan Khanh Vinh Quang, a 42 – year – old activist, was sentenced to 27 months' imprisonment for "abusing democratic freedoms", the police said. Several years the authorities criticized the Communist Party. In May this year, 56-year-old Vui Hieu Vo was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for a Facebook post that "distorted" the country's political situation.

Viral rumor About Kavanaugh 's Accusers

Christine Blasey Ford testifies in parliament with a senior lobbyist on Facebook directly to support Brett Kavanaugh – Kevin Roose is a widespread mistaken I gather more information.

Google's Turn in Washington's Glare

Wakabayasu Daisuke and Crisilia Kang preview Sundar Pichai's meeting with a lawmaker on Friday.

On Friday, Senior Leader Sundar Pichai attended more than 20 Republicans to discuss complaints about silencing conservative voices with Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California and critics of vocal Google.

"Google has a lot of questions," McCarthy said in a statement in response to search bias, user privacy breaches, anti-competitive behavior and business dealings with oppressive regimes such as China.

Large companies in the technology and advertising industries are asking for the first in Europe 's fake news

The European Union' s executive body has announced principles to reduce the spread of false information: Facebook,


Elon Musk sued by SEC for securities fraud

Since today, Eln Musk has filed a lawsuit against Eln Musk,

Bumble This court decides to invalidate the Tinder patent

Ashley R. Carman claims that the Bumble-Tinde r

Bumble responded to the Match Group's lawsuits earlier this year, which involved alleged infringement of the Tinder patent. Now that these Tinder patents are invalid and can not act in court

Starting string from the carrier and continuing

Mary Ritti, one of the early adopters of Snap, is following the strategy chase, funding out the door.

Fans who have spent millions of dollars in fraud on a fake celebrity account

A poor woman (named Mary) spent $ 11,500 on someone who thinks Bruce Springsteen used fake to contact her on Facebook Facebook Proud Fake Account Detection Software New Springsteen Account Eh it does not work when you start sending a friend request to any of the people.

"Fake Bruce" painted a picture of his concealment. We need money to return home from Dubai. He said there was a tremendous amount of gold, which amounted to millions of dollars.

"My heart was so stupid that I could not figure out how much money I made," Mary recalled.

Up & Down

Amanda Hess explores the current phenomenon that makes Pop-up phenomena like Color Factory and Ice Cream more important than Instagram's background.

The central disappointment is that among the spaces they seem to have a low view of those who are not too narcissistic, but rather visit them. Viewing artwork or climbing mountains invites us to create meaning in our lives. But the idea of ​​"interacting" with the world in this space has been made so smoothly that our role has been greatly reduced. As I walked through the colorful corridors of the "corridor" in New York, I felt like the skin of a person. It seemed as though I was witnessing the complete erosion of the meaning itself. When I raised my self at Rosé Mansion, all my friends liked it.

Twerendipity: The story of Serendipity [Twitter] [19659048] When two Twitter users on the other side of the story posted on Twitter, and then had a good time finding each other, I enjoyed the story of Madison Malone Kirchner.

A Lyft woman is talking to the driver. I am struggling to explain what she wants to the hairdresser when she puts another woman on the street with the exact look she is looking for. The driver rolls the window so that the woman in the street knows that the woman is digging her figure in the car in a motion similar to something that a disconcerting mother or father might have done to you in junior high school. A woman in a car tweet about this interaction. Meanwhile, the woman on the street is also tweet about this interaction . She thanked "the woman of the modern age" for making her day.

It would have been the end of the story of an embarrassing woman and a complimented woman – Stephanie and Dennis, if she could not do it. The world is very small and very small. How Stephanie-followers watched Twitter and Denice's tweets. And someone who followed him took a screenshot of them and made it into a fun story of Twerendipity.

Oculus Quest put us in the "Wild West Shootout" on the stadium scale.

Just about everything that O'clock showed at Connect, this week we received excellent initial reviews from colleagues, including this wild multiplayer game that was held in a specially built 4,000 square foot stadium.


A reputable founder on Facebook is suddenly attacked as a good place

Kurt Wagner wonders if #Krexit will sell his future founder to Facebook. (And so is Josh Constine.) I think they will continue to sell on Facebook as long as they are the best choice for themselves and their employees. I will not be too worried about Facebook, given how often it is the last resort to sell a company, and there are few options I usually have at that point.

Billionaire LA Times Owner: & # 39; Fake News & # 39;

Patrick Soon-Shiong appears against social media.

Soon-Shiong, a former surgeon, is a form of transformation in social media, saying "Squawk Alley" is fake news & # 39; cancer of our time. news. We need to change it.

He said on Facebook that people can not distinguish from "fake news", "real news" or "opinion news."

Do you want to do something about the Russian election intervention [19659062] WWW.JUSTSECURITY .ORG – SHARE

I included this link in my newsletter yesterday, but I forgot to explain why it was co-authored by Alex MacGillivray, the well-known croaker, Amac is the best free press on Twitter. Co-author Joshua Geltzer argued that the United States should take a NATO-like approach to intervene in elections.

In this case, an effective government-to-government response establishes an international norm for Moscow's behavior. , Supporting the norm (perhaps through the cause of the organization, such as the early G-7), and when the allied countries violate norms by Russia or other actors Some have questioned whether what Russia did in 2016 really distinguishes it from past US presidential election interventions, but we do not see the difference between promoting and assaulting democracy Further, I think it is clear that the United States and other governments will be able to articulate the minimum standards they should subscribe to.

At a basic level, governments should not exercise any influence. (Ie, "Francis Francis Shockworld", "approved Trump") or by propagating genuine information through false identity (ie no identity theft or manufacturing), foreign intelligence through illegal information, And other democracies will reject the interference they had with the elections. In this dangerous moment of democracy around the world, it must be clear and swift that Moscow should stop its wrecking democracy and ensure that countries can agree on and respond quickly to what the "red line" is.

Urban Outfitters is selling the $ 59 "influencer Halloween costume".

What does it mean to reduce the concept of influenza to its purest nature? ? According to this Halloween costume, it is … a pair of leggings and sports bra.

Happy Halloween!

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