Facebook is bringing back MTV’s The Real World

What we have recently expanded on the original video on Facebook is behind the Reality TV heyday. The social network is partnering with MTV Studios to release a "reimagined" version of The Real World on the Watch tab in the video-centric center.

This performance will sweep across the continent, centering around three specific seasons, with casts from the US, Mexico and Thailand. MTV Studios and Bunim / Murray Productions are co-producing, the latter being considered a pioneer of reality TV along with The Real World, Road Rules and Keeping Up The Kardashians. The first day is spring of 2019.

The Cannes trade show The news on stage at MIPCOM is one of the first Facebook novels outside the documentary and news areas. Traditional cable programming. Therefore, Facebook Watch's programming focuses on news and sports, and has partnered with existing brands such as CNN Fox News and MLB. It was first launched in August last year The Wall Street Journal announced in November 2017 that it plans to spend $ 1 billion in content over the next 12 months. (Netflix said last year plans to spend $ 8 billion on original content in 2018).

Beyond the news and sports shows, the original programming on Facebook is an athletic-oriented reality TV show featuring Shaquille O "Neal, Dwanye Wade, and Marshawn Lynch. Animation shows, comedy programs, and some dramas are neatly organized, so the company's lineup has been completed, but nothing has evolved in a meaningful way. Reboot Real World can be a different story in that it can appeal to viewers around the world using a new type of twist, taking full advantage of the brand attraction of classic shows. In particular, Facebook Watch has expanded internationally this August, and this multi-continental approach to The Real World is aimed at capitalizing over two billion viewers worldwide. " The Real World has made history the world's first original reality show and is pleased to reboot the show for today's audiences: real life, real people, Facebook content planning and Strategic director Matthew Henick said in a statement: "

Of course, some people say that Facebook, a company that wants to create a device to watch you while watching TV, and that new video chat devices are not used as targets You may even wonder what you are doing. ADVERTISING – Total strangers are constantly being monitored and are constantly helping rebroadcasts of conflict and romance broadcast to millions of people. But Interactive game shows with Confetti with The Real World in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. He also presented a new show called the world's most amazing dog . The marketing materials are described as "a series of global interactive competitions to celebrate amazing dogs and owners around the world."

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