Facebook imposes restrictions on live-streaming to prevent future abuse

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it would begin to restrict who can broadcast live video on the platform after the white nationalist terrorist attacks in New Zealand just a few months ago.

According to the blog post, Facebook said it would apply what was called an "attack" policy to Facebook Live that would prohibit users who violate the platform's community standards from using the live streaming service by established periods hour. This applies to content posted elsewhere on the website, not just broadcast on Facebook Live. If a user posts a harmful link on their profile, such as the content that leads to a terrorist website, they will also be banned from broadcasting live.

These new restrictions also apply to the Facebook Individuals and Dangerous Organizations policy that was introduced earlier this month and brought right-wing personalities such as Paul Nehlen, Alex Jones and Milo. Yiannopoulos is banned both on Facebook and Instagram.

"Our goal is to minimize the risk of abuse on Live and allow people to use Live in a positive way every day," said Guy Rosen, vice president of Facebook integrity in a blog post. .

Rosen said Facebook hopes to expand these restrictions to other parts of the platform in the future. Soon, these same users who violate the Facebook Community Rules will also be banned from creating ads.

The decision to impose restrictions on Facebook Live comes after a white nationalist terrorist entered mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and broadcast the attack to the platform live. After the shots, Facebook was criticized for allowing the person to transmit and not delete copies of the video at a fast enough rate.

"After the horrific terrorist attacks in New Zealand, we have been reviewing what else we can do to limit our services being used to cause harm or spread hatred," Rosen said.

Facebook also announced that it would partner with more researchers and universities to improve the "image and video analysis technology" of the platform. Rosen wrote that these partnerships are valued at around $ 7.5 million.

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