Facebook hired a new public defender, and he should start with WhatsApp

Three short items to take us to the weekend today.

Facebook has hired new head of global policy and communications to replace Elliot Schrage. Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. As a trade negotiator at the entire European Commission, Clegg was responsible for penalizing anti-competitive behavior against technology companies, particularly Google for $ 5 billion in penalties for Android-related issues. Because Facebook is currently in the crossroads of European regulators on a wide range of issues, Clegg offers unprecedented prospects and influence.

The British people have a proud tradition of aversion to elected leaders, and it is only a lot of fun if you have a solid understanding of British politics, as zingers on Clegg on Friday morning. (Kleagan led the collapse in his support for the Liberal Democratic Party and found that the party had given up his pledge to oppose the tuition increase for the student. Guardian

Clegg is a former journalist and midwayer, and with Schrage Dali has a big twitter, is he what Facebook is needed for that role? The global director of policy and communication should be very good in two respects: knowing and arguing people, In the Guardian he says:

I am stubborn about the progressive potential of a technological innovation society, It remains an optimist. It changes the way we work, play, and build relationships. It can help protect our environment and keep our streets safe.It will fundamentally change the way we teach our children at school and at home.It is changing healthcare and transportation.The high-

Of course, the management of these unintended shortcomings is probably due to the fact that if we can work reasonably with governments, regulators, parliaments and civil society around the world, we can often improve the benefits of technology while reducing unintended disadvantages. Most of Clegg's time on Facebook

Two new WhatsApp representatives gave their first public opinion on some important issues: Chris, who took over messaging apps during Facebook's big organizational shuffle in May Daniels said on Thursday that the company blog on Facebook to prevent WhatsApp from being misused in Brazil I've posted it to explain how I'm working. Anyone who wants a better understanding of Daniels' product philosophy will be disappointed with his inconspicuous, defensive blog post. Full complement of October 2018 Facebook Facepoint: The wrong information did not start with us. Most people do not use WhatsApp to spread the wrong information. The global platform will inevitably host both good and evil. Facebook has adopted an unfortunate tendency to speak of problems on a global scale.

More than 90% of messages from today's WhatsApp in Brazil are individual one-on-one conversations. The majority of these groups are just six people. You can talk personally or personally in the living room.

(You can block more than 90% of the asteroids from planetary collisions, but there is still a big problem.

A strong combination of encryption and virus sharing mechanisms anywhere in the Daniels position does not recognize the unique ways that their popular apps have created new and extremely difficult problems for Brazil. Before Daniels enumerates the six actions the company has taken to reduce the level of damage, he said, "It (i. E., It is anti-democratic climate change skeptics are poised to win, lead us all to solve the problem"

In the meantime, it is not even clear that Daniels understands what the problem is. He told the crowd in crisis that their crown was seriously considered

3 cases The media has been fighting a heated battle: Facebook has deliberately misrepresented that people are interested in watching videos, So the publisher is ultimately called "pivot to video." Spark said that in 2016,

The problem is how we reported a video view on Facebook: A concise description of Suzanna Vranica is as follows.

Over the course of two years, Facebook only counted video views that lasted more than 3 seconds when calculating & # 39; Avg. Video View Time & # 39; metrics.

Facebook changed this metric to "average watch time." This period reflects the number of video views.

Exaggerated by metrics, but the core of the theory that publishers promote videos with the wrong pretext As Laura Hazard Owen pointed out, Mark Zuckerberg himself found that the video was soon the platform's dominant form of communication As predicted would be the Facebook This way of talking about the movie was much more important.

Much of the conversation concluded that people do not want to watch news-oriented videos. This conversation tends to skip the existence of YouTube. YouTube will see a lot of news-oriented videos. (Recommend 1.1 million views and a successful Netflix show or Verge Science, Vox channel with more than 500,000 subscribers in a year).

Traditional publishers are still cracking YouTube There was a problem. But they were willing to take the flyer on Facebook because more than a billion people were watching movies every day, and Facebook turned the handle on the video to the end. According to Tubular Labs, the main Facebook page of Tasty in September was the third largest video account on Facebook with 1.7 billion videos.

The viewership per video is also amazing. Over the past three months, Tasty's Facebook video posted an average of 22.8 million video views over the first 30 days. It outperforms the BuzzFeed Food account with an average of 4.7 million views and 1.1 million views on average at the same time as BuzzFeed's main Facebook page.

According to Tubular, Tasty now accounts for 37% of BuzzFeed's video views. All this is even more remarkable given that BuzzFeed started to do something delicious in July 2015.

There were three problems with Facebook videos. One is that Facebook has not found a good way for publishers to make money. Publishers thought that some kind of pre-sale or medium-term or post-sale advertising would provide revenue for their investment, but they never did. Second, there was a product issue on Facebook. News feeds are quick and groundless scrolling. Video is intended for intentional and unbiased viewing. A small number of formats, especially the delicious portions, flourished in news feeds. But most of the deaths are where Facebook is currently sending video to Watchtower. Even there, nothing really went out.

Finally, in the aftermath of the 2016 election, Facebook reduced the amount of publishers. By adding content to your feed and seeing more of our friends and family, you can share viral memes and prevent democracy from being destroyed. The video will still play an important role in the future of Facebook, but it will not look like a square video that looks similar to the video you see in the Instagram story and has a text caption posted on the B-roll.

There is a valid review of Facebook. somewhere. But most of the anger is wrong for me. If Facebook did a better job of predicting the future, journalists would have been helpful.


Justice blames Russia for interfering in midterm elections

There is first evidence that Russia is currently actively preventing midterms. Here is the election in the United States.

Russia, an intimate ally of President Vladimir V Putin, was involved in a sophisticated "war on information" campaign to prevent midterm elections. Federal prosecutors released a criminal complaint against one of them on Friday

Elena of Saint Petersburg Alekseven Kushaynova (44, Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova) has participated in efforts to spread distrust among US political offices and candidates of the US political system, the prosecution said.

McCain is a geek. "Ryan is absolutely nobody." Russian playbook that tells the American voice in Facebook propaganda.

Craig Timberg, Tony Romm, and Brian Fung, We are investigating propaganda about the movement, which comes from the blockade criminal lawsuits listed above. [19659032] Senator John McCain was "an old geezer." House Speaker Paul Ryan is not a "complete and absolute person". And Presi Trump's campaign and Russia is a "witch hunt" led by an "established puppet".

Russia 's false intelligence agents have a playbook on how to hand over themselves to a politically active American who is trying to manipulate the United States secretly. Online – right and left – voters who appeal to childish phrases, glib putdowns, and existing political biases. And the same tactics that took place before the 2017 parliamentary elections at the time of the 2016 presidential elections were followed by the 2018 midterm election.

Mike Isaac and Kevin Roose investigate false information in Brazil Elections:

Adrianen of the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based foreign policy organization, Roberta Braga, vice-president of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, said, "People have entered this election with hyperactivity."

The Adrienne Arsht Latin Center in the Atlantic Roberta Braga, vice president of the America Center, said, "People have a lot of distrust in politics, politicians, and political organizations." The city council, a Washington-based foreign policy organization, There is mistrust. "

Corrupt Chris and Two-Faced Tammy: The candidate tries to win the best trump.

Lump namecall is now a feature Tessa Lyons cites a new study that shows that the number of fake news sharing on Facebook has dropped by more than 50%.

19659042] First, Alcott, Gentzkow and Yu Facebook and Twitter (PDF), researchers started by creating a list of 570 sites identified as false news sources from previous research and online listings, from January 2015 to 2018 The 570 sites published between the months measured the Facebook contracts (sharing, commenting, and responding) and Twitter share for all stories. The researchers found that Facebook's interaction with these false news sites was " It may have had a meaningful impact on Facebook's efforts after the 2016 election to restrict. "

Last week at the University of Michigan, we found that the efficiency of our work in the study of misinformation (PDF). The Michigan team created a list of sites that shared the wrong information by judging the two external organizations, Media Bias / Fact Check and Open Source.

Exclusive: Twitter breaks bot network that pushes Saudi Arabian dialogue point for missing journalist

Twitter suspends Twitter network. On the disappearance of Saudi Arabia journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Khashoggi's misinformation shows that the number of false facts is increasing.

In the days after Jamal Khashoggi's murder was reported, incorrect information was reported to Daniel Funke and Alexios Mantzarlis.

The Saudi media say that the conspiracy theory Khashoggi's fiancee is fake in an apparent effort to distrust Turkey and the United States. Reuters fell into a fake news article about the Saudi consul general. Some accounts try to promote meaningless videos from people wearing strainer on their head . And the Saudi government threatened people spreading "fake news" online with years of prison time and excessive fines.

Broad discussion on Facebook 's political diversity

Issie Lapowsky recently criticized Facebook engineer Brian Amerige, "Unacceptable political monoculture of other views" . But he does not mind becoming a poster boy for a Republican who complains about "prejudice." "

" I am confident that I really accept these issues. Seriously, they treated me with a lot of respect. "Amerige says."

Last week, Amerige left Facebook because of disagreements over the company's platform hate speech policy, which says it is "dangerous and impractical" for a platform that enhances openness. He spent two months on how to foster "political diversity" in close cooperation with the Facebook Human Resources team. One initiative would be allowed to attack people's thoughts) and attack their nature (they will be forbidden). I'm not sure if Facebook plans to implement the idea.

Our engineers refused to censor products censored in China.

PRI's world talks to a former Google employee, Vijay Boyapati, about his off-staff.

When I was there, I thought it was morally wrong. The reason was for two reasons. One is that there was no internal dispute in terms of Google News. So I wanted to bring it because I thought it was wrong behavior for Google. If you have the courage to write about what the journalist is controversial, Google has been asked to censor them. And as someone who deals with your product, someone's voice would have the knowledge that you were silent about what you did. And it makes me very uncomfortable.

Hunting for False News

Facebook finds fake news and starts a new series of blog posts that have identified it as a fake. In episode 1, make sure Saudi Arabites actually spit on the face of a woman.

I fell into fake news on Facebook. Here are millions of people.

About fake news Geoffrey Fowler took a video showing a commercial plane turning a barrel roll while landing.

Tsirbas' clip realism played a big role. The role of making fake stories viral. And it's typical: the wrong information that features manipulated pictures and videos has shown to be the most viral. Facebook's Lyons said. Sometimes it seems to be reliable enough to use real news footage like this. "Really crazy things tend to be less distributed than they take sweet places in places they trust," says Ryan.

After decades of Photoshop and CG movies, most of us are still not very good at challenges. The authenticity of the image – or speaking in a real fake. I have accurately identified the authenticity of only 22% of images in online tests conducted by Autodesk software maker Fake or Foto. (19659063) Launches

YouTube introduces mini-player for desktop browsers

YouTube finally launched a mini player for browser users. Mobile apps have been around for a long time. This allows users to continue watching and watching new videos at the same time.

YouTube adjusts embedding of videos to include easy channel subscribe buttons.

YouTube updates are rarely needed. In addition to the above, you can also purchase concert tickets with Eventbrite on the music video page, in addition to what is shown in the comments.


David Simon talks to the creator of Godwin 's. The founder of The Wire believed that the odds of ultimately including Hitler's comparisons as the length of on-line preservation continued, 1 Simon was struck hard by his pet problems. In other words, Nazi should be able to call anything he wants.

The last thing Twitter needs to do is set a courtesy. Or try to avoid hostility on the platform. Why? The proper response to obvious racism about racism, anti-Semitism, defamation, and organized misinformation campaigns is not politely motivated by reasons such as the long clue of fact sharing. Doing so lends a fundamental belief in the worst speech. This speech seems to be the preferred paradigm for Twitter at this time. It is a paradigm that provides two basic choices: Ignore immorality – dishonesty or cruelty can stand in front of the public and thereby gain the veneer of trust. Or worse, it raises serious disputes in all kinds of brawls, which also allows the veneer of trust.

The funeral of Zion in Streicher or Goebbels in 1935 The claim that the Jews will drink blood of baptized Christian babies asserts that "the Jews do not drink Christian blood" Forgive the explanation in chapter. The correct answer is to call Julius Streicher a piece of shit from the submarine and display it to the rest of the senses and move on to a more meaningful exchange of ideas. So with Twitter.

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