Facebook has started banning accounts affiliated with far-right group the Proud Boys

Facebook began banning personal accounts, pages, and related groups that partnered with Proud Boys, a radical extremist group. This news was first reported today by Business Insider and members of the online community near Proud Boys began complaining about Twitter's takedown.

As violence broke out in New York City earlier this month, members of the Proud Boys assaulted anti – fascist protesters outside the Republican club in Manhattan. Gavin McInnes, Founder of Proud Boys, founder of Vice Media. Facebook has confirmed that Proud Boys members and affiliate groups and major social networks and Instagram pages are prohibited on The Verge . McInnes's personal page is still active, but many popular groups, pages, and accounts are starting to disappear today.

"Our team continues to study the trends of organized hatred and hate speech, and we understand this as organizations evolve in partnership with partners to understand it," a Facebook spokesman said in a statement. "We drive these organizations and individuals out of our platform and remove all praise and support when we come to know it." We constantly review content, pages, and people that violate the policy and oppose the expression of hatred or hostility I will hate the organization and keep the community safe. "The company has been found to violate the rules on hate speech. I hate both online and offline for reasons of prohibition and removal.

Proud Boys was formed in 2016 as a modern man equivalent to a street gang. McInnes organized a grassroots organization that used the right-wing and other fringe political communities on the Internet and organized the coalition of mostly white men, as the "Western Whites" themselves described. It supports the worst reasons such as white nationalism and supports various forms of regressive political movements.

The group is also famous for violent behavior against President Donald Trump and other protesters, and public perpetuation of McInnes' such activities, which often acted violently. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Proud Boys to be a hate group. McInnes said he would press media agencies to force participants to surrender and surrender to law enforcement agencies following attacks in New York. Many Proud Boys members were arrested and charged with violence.

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