Facebook hackers wanted to sell garbage ads not influence votes, claims report

A hacker who had access to 30 million Facebook accounts a month failed to issue orders in a foreign state. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal the report quotes people familiar with the company's internal investigations, and hackers have instead partnered with "digital marketing companies" to generate profits through deceptive advertising. Facebook has so far refused to publicly comment on the identity of hackers, citing continued cooperation with the FBI as a reason for silence.

In late September, a hacked by Facebook revealed that 30 million access tokens for the service were stolen. These digital keys theoretically allow hackers to gain full access to the relevant profiles. In fact, Facebook estimates that hackers have accessed more than 15 million additional contact information (such as name and contact information for 14 million accounts) and additional information (such as date of birth, recent search history, and relationship status). No information was collected from the final million.

News about the Cambridge Anglican scandal and Facebook users caught between Russian actors exploiting the platform to influence the 2016 US election will be almost unknown. This particular hack was not explicitly political, but there was a long list of platform hacks.

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