Facebook expands ban on voting misinformation ahead of US midterms

Facebook will begin to ban false information, including voting, ahead of next month's midterm elections. Though the company has done it before, the tension between Congress and the public is on the rise, and the new rules are set to be more stringent and inclusive than before.

Before the 2016 elections, Facebook banned posts that provided false information, such as where they were. People can vote and specify when polls open or close. But in today's announcement, the Silicon Valley tycoon plans to ban posts advertising false voting methods, such as sending text for voting, or posting a post that claims a first ballot.

facebook expands ban on voting misinformation ahead of us midterms

Case of Facebook being banned in 2016

The company is expanding its reporting tools for other forms of voting abuse, such as postings that misrepresent the terms of the polls. New tools will be available to allow Facebook's third-party face-checkers to review before the election season.

Facebook began slowly approaching removing the accounts and pages that were acting incorrectly on the platform. It was hot this summer when we removed about 30 pages run by an individual or organization determined by the company to affect the outcome of the presidential election last summer. Last week, the company removed more than 500 profiles and used multiple accounts with similar names and spread false and misleading behavior, such as posting "enormous amounts of content" to drive traffic to high traffic websites. I regarded it as visible.

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