Facebook disables accounts tied to Russian company that allegedly scraped user data

Facebook has disabled accounts owned by Russian businesses that have scraped user data from the platform on social networks.

SocialDataHub, a Russian company, advertises insights through publicly available information. According to Facebook, this includes information gathered from users.

"In an effort to keep people safe in order to eradicate information from people, a recent Social Media Hub (SDH) in Russia, a Facebook spokesman, said in a statement. "This is a violation of our Terms of Service and we have disabled access to more than 66 of our accounts, profiles, pages, and applications from our service. We expect to find and deactivate more information."

SocialDataHub spokesman Said that it offers "scoring on public data" that can be found through Google Search. "No one has just downloaded data from Facebook profiles, especially citizens from other countries except Russia," the company said in a different situation, providing scraping software but not data itself.

The representative said the job was legal. "We are waiting for the account to be unlocked quickly," he said.

A Facebook spokesperson is a social network letter to SocialDataHub. According to CNET this letter accuses companies offering services to a variety of customers, and "Facebook has a good reason to believe that government work involves personal social media account photos."

Faced with major scandals surrounding Cambridge Analytica earlier this year, Facebook pledged to work hard to protect user data.

"All kinds of scraping is going through the Internet on a constant basis," a Facebook spokesman said. "Because it is difficult to prevent, it is often difficult to discover, so we can work more closely with other companies and independent experts to share information so we can stop this activity more quickly."

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