Facebook blocks third-party tools that collect information on political ads

Facebook insists on blocking third-party ad transparency tools used by nonprofit organizations and news organizations, but it does not intend to prevent malicious actors from scraping user data and penalize critical reporting on the platform . The company has done this by inserting code that prohibits the use of Web plug-ins to automate the collection of information on social networks. According to ProPublica he has led political advertising buying and advertising research reports. I have been discriminated against on Facebook for more than two years.

ProPublica operates a searchable database called the Facebook Political Ad Collector, which displays information about more than 120,000 political ads thanks to approximately 22,000 users using Facebook custom plugins. The organization says that the current plug-in no longer works, but the database remains online and searchable.

ProPublica and British activist Who Targets Me have their own ad transparency tool, and Facebook does not use a browser plugin to collect information about political advertising. Explain why this ad was shown to a specific Facebook user earlier this month, and why the computer does not automate clicking on the "What am I doing?" Option based on the sponsored post. Mozilla, who runs a Firefox browser and offers similar extensions, said the same thing. ProPublica confirmed.

Facebook's Rob Leathern, vice president of advertising transparency specialist products, said it was not intended to block journalists and other nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups. Instead, Leathern wrote on Twitter. The company "is trying to prevent people's data from being misused." The plug-in that scratches the ad can expose people's information if it is exploited. "Last year, the Cambridge Analytics data privacy scandal surprised the company Considering that one of the political advertising buyer's responsibility is to make the process private, it's a critical act, but help public image on Facebook.

Alex Stamos, a former CFO on Facebook, and a frank voice about data privacy and social networks There was a similar excuse on Twitter. "These changes are about ad blockers, not people." The FB should build the ad targeting API as soon as possible, and be able to target and reach the data. "

Facebook has fairly written a number of data and API restrictions specifically designed to prevent other Cambridge Analytica, and Stamos says fear is not limited to the private industry and the government is too broad. "For example, The Department of Security (DHS) was attempting to bid for companies to build a database of immigrant social histories . "Anti-scraping protection is needed if Palantir does not want to scrape all the Muslim streams out of the FB.

Leathern is also planning a new blog post, which is posted earlier this month, Includes a new set of transparency tools for advertisers coming out in late June. A Facebook spokesperson refused to comment on this story, but pointed to Leathern's comments when he reached The Verge .

According to ProPublica Facebook closed the project and Facebook started in May of last year [17459003] [17459003] ProPublica believes that the Facebook tools are incomplete and the organization is not advocating the National Rifle Association and the Bernie Sanders electoral reform advocacy

ProPublica says that Facebook 's archives are only available in three countries, and most of the time, So-called "affinity" targeting means that past Facebook advertisers are targeting groups by protected classes, such as race, gender, and religion, and that Facebook says that users should self-classify. Is based on

Facebook ProPublica P ProPublica A thorough investigation of the roPublica survey found that the inclusion of this severely restricted micro-targeting label in the vault for housing and employment ads could pose a privacy risk to the user, not. Facebook has developed an API that makes it easier to access political ad data on the platform, but it's in beta and is limited to keyword searches. ProPublica

Until then, or when Facebook releases new tools in June, it sounds like data-collection software developed outside of Facebook, and clear platform access will no longer work.

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