Facebook bans personality quizzes after Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook is banning personality test applications, which for years have been able to collect and store a large amount of information about its users. The ban comes a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where it was learned that the data company had acquired information of up to 87 million people through the test application "thisisyourdigitallife".

To be clear, personality questionnaires in themselves were not the problem here. While they offer an easy way for unscrupulous developers to collect large amounts of data, after all, they rely on the delivery of personal information, the problem was that Facebook allowed developers, for many years, to gather information about friends from friends and never thoroughly. forced policies to ensure that the data is kept safe and is only used for the intended purposes.

The prohibition of personality questionnaires is part of a wider crackdown by Facebook on what developers can do and access through its platform. Facebook is blocking a number of older APIs to access user data, and will prevent developers from accessing new data if a person has not used the application in the last 90 days.

Facebook announced some more serious changes more than a year ago, and some of them, like the 90-day access limit, will go into effect now. Facebook does not say that the prohibition of personality questionnaires is due to Cambridge Analytica, of course, but that it is about removing applications from the platform with "minimal utility".

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