Evolve Bamboo GTX electric skateboard review: too fast, too furious

Electric skateboards are everywhere and you can appreciate the rapid boom of the passenger car company. Boosted Boards lead the charge, but are not the only players on the market. Evolve Skateboards have been in use for several years and recently released an updated version of the Bamboo GTX electric skateboard.

But there is a problem: this electric skateboard is more expensive than the $ 1,599 Boosted Board, priced at $ 1,779. , A mainstream $ 1,399 boost board and a $ 749 boost mini. It's not worth getting $ 200 ultimately because there's not enough Bamboo GTX to do everything the Boosted Board does.

  • Good stuff
    • Nice longboard deck
    • Great acceleration
    • 26 mph top speed

Bad stuff

  • Remote feeling of cheap
  • The motor is still on. The tail end
  • is more expensive than any boost board.
  • Braking is still a submersible

The remote control and board are a strange couple. On the other hand, the GTX Bamboo board boasts outstanding quality with huge trucks, wheels, flexible bamboo decks and a total weight of 19.4 lbs. (It's heavy.) But the remote looks like a ready-made product does not flatter. A cheap and twisted plastic display is better than a toy with more than 1,700 pounds of technology than the remote control.

evolve bamboo gtx electric skateboard review too fast too furious

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Given the steep price, the GTX Bamboo remote is no better than Boosted or Inboard powered skateboards. The remote has a very bony user interface that guides you through riding modes, remote control and battery life on the board and current speed.

Because there is no screen on the Boosted remote, information other than battery life and riding mode (using flashing beeps and beeps) can not be displayed. However, better remote control is due to the superior production quality and rider feedback. On the other hand, the GTX Bamboo remote control has two multifunctional buttons, "Safety Clutch", Acceleration Trigger, Brake Lever and which are used to change the rider mode. Because of its larger size, it is not comfortable anywhere to hold, it certainly is not well built.

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Despite the disadvantages of the remote control, the ride and acceleration of the GTX Bamboo is actually quite good. The Bamboo GTX has a top speed of 26 mph (2 mph higher than Boosted Stealth), so you can get out of the speed limit. You can do most of the packaging without much instability without changing the consistency of the road or altitude.

The two most important elements of an electric skateboard are braking and rider confidence. Like the Boosted Boards, the Evolve Bamboo GTX has regenerative braking. Slower battery discharges battery Slowly The battery charges for a long time. Unlike Boosted Boards, however, GTX Bamboo can not be braked .

1540996039 200 evolve bamboo gtx electric skateboard review too fast too furious

1540996040 977 evolve bamboo gtx electric skateboard review too fast too furious

The Bamboo GTX can run well when you have the distance yourself, but stop-start feedback using the brakes when you are about to make a car is uneasy. I do not want to get the Bamboo GTX at the fastest pace, but I want to stop at a penny. That's reckless. I am much more confident that I will kick Boosted Board a little faster because I know the ride on the Boosted Board will not stop or I will lose my balance over 22 mph.

1540996040 456 evolve bamboo gtx electric skateboard review too fast too furious

The GTX Bamboo has a battery range of 31 miles (Boosted or higher) and similar results in my tests. Generally, you must stop riding on the 25-mile cover before you charge. You can also use four riding modes: Safety, Echo, Fast, and GT. If your commute is in the city and you are using slow mode while errands around town, you should be able to travel without a wall charger.

Overall, GTX Bamboo is not a better electric skateboard than Boosted's products and is costly. However, if you want to go as fast as possible on an electric skateboard (not always the best idea), GTX Bamboo will be interested.

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