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Evil Hunter Tycoon is an adventure RPG for Android and iOS from Super Planet. Read Evil Hunter Tycoon guides, walkthroughs, wikis, tips, cheats and tricks.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide Walkthrough Tips

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Super Planet’s Evil Hunter Tycoon is a micro-management game for Android and iOS, where you manage your hunter, village and resources, with plenty of content to explore as you progress through quests. If you’re just starting to play Evil Hunter Tycoon, you’ve come to the right page. this Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide, the walkthrough covers the basics of the game that beginners should master. We’ve also shared lots of Evil Hunter Tycoon tips, cheats and tricks that you might love. So, without further ado, let’s get to the main content.

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Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide, Walkthrough, Tips⇓

Evil Hunter Tycoon game can be played in 8 difficulty modes. Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, Painful, etc. At the start of the game, you can only play in easy mode, and you can choose a different difficulty game mode if you meet certain requirements, such as the number of reincarnated hunters. To select a difficulty mode, you need to press the skull button in the upper left corner. Speaking of gameplay, your goal is to build all the facilities and make the hunter stronger enough to defeat powerful monsters in dungeon raids. Let’s learn everything in detail and go through all the Evil Hunter Tycoon tips, cheats and tricks. –

Manage your hunters wisely

Hunters are the main characters of the game, fighting enemies and bringing resources to villages to sell through trading posts. They automatically grind resources to collect random resources from evil monsters. Tapping on them will start a conversation with many options to choose from, such as trading equipment, moving to a specific location, learning skills/traits/skills, donating, and more.

Keep an eye on all the hunters in town through the hunter menu. If you press the Hunter menu button at the bottom center, you can check the information of all hunters. Their HP, hunger level, mood and stamina. On the Hunter button, press the cross button to start a conversation with the Hunter.

  • Hunter’s HP – If the Hunter’s HP is low, press the routine option in the conversation and choose Heal. This sends the hunter to the infirmary where he can buy bandages and heal himself.
  • Hunger/Satiety – In the conversation, select a routine option, then choose a meal. Hungry Hunters Don’t Work Efficiently
  • Mood – Choose a mood option in your everyday conversations and a fun option to restore your mood. For example – make a tavern to restore the mood.
  • Health – Have the hunter rest at the inn and recover health. Craft a room at the inn

Check out the Hunter Guide for more details. –

This guide provides information on how to invite hunters, how many hunters can live in your town, exile, tiers, how to purchase resources, and more.

Craft and equip advanced weapons

Weapons and equipment are equipped by hunters. You can sell this gear/weapon for coins. The higher the rank of the weapon, the higher the stats you get when you equip it. Also, it’s one of the best ways to make them stronger. Weapons have 5 tiers. SS, S, A, B, C. Players can craft weapons in the Forge building. As the difficulty of the game increases, you will get higher tier weapons. Easy, Normal, Hard, Painful, etc. Note – Hunters do not automatically equip weapons. You have to sell them.

Follow the quest in Evil Hunter Tycoon

If you are just starting the game, we recommend that you do the beginner quests listed in the upper left corner. If you have any problems completing the quest, please let us know in the comments section below. We’re here to help.

Learn about all buildings

The Evil Hunter Tycoon game has many buildings that you can build and access to new features. For example, you can increase the number of villagers/hunters that can stay in a village by building a house. You can strengthen your equipment by building enhanced equipment. The Forge allows you to craft weapons and sell them in the Weapon Shop.

Check out this building guide for more details. –

Upgrade your buildings to unlock more features. For example – Upgrade the City Hall to unlock new buildings.

Sending Hunters to Dungeon Raids

Once the dungeon entrance is built in your town, you can send hunters to dungeon raids. If you press the dungeon button, you can select a hunter on the next screen. If you are tired, send the Hunter to the inn and let him rest for a while. Also make sure your HP and mood are full. Select a recruitable hunter. Once selected, press Hunter -> Select Dungeon. This will send the hunter to the dungeon entrance, and when there are 5 raid members, you can raid the dungeon.

You can get many rewards. The higher you go, the higher the amount.

grab the treasure chest

Treasure chests sometimes appear in towns. When a message appears, a message is displayed. When the chest appears in the lower right corner, there is a golden treasure chest icon. Tap this icon to go to the treasure chest and watch a video ad for the gem.

Get Freebies in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Click the AD option in the lower right corner or search for Ad goblin. Tap him, watch video ads and get free rewards.

Collect drops from enemies

Sometimes monsters killed by hunters will drop resources on the battlefield. Send monsters on the hunt and keep an eye on all the grounds to collect resource drops.

buy pets

To give a permanent bonus to all hunters, you need to buy a pet. You can learn more about pets here.

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So this is all in this post about Evil Hunter Tycoon guides, walkthroughs, and tips for beginners. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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