Every iPad wants to be a Surface now

When Steve Jobs was on stage 10 years ago, he joked about introducing the first iPad: "Netbooks are nothing good." Apple's original vision for tablets was a new category of devices that focused on browsing, email, photography, video, music, games, and ebooks. Jobs said, “If you have a third category of device, you should be better at this kind of work than a laptop or smartphone. Otherwise there is no reason. ”

It wasn't a huge iPhone, it wasn't a complete replacement for a laptop. iPad has always existed for almost 10 years, but now you want every iPad to be a Surface.

iPad made netbooks look like cheap laptops, and its popularity soared as competitors tried to bring popular tablets to the public. Microsoft fits well with Apple's vision of touch-friendly computing, and it's a bit far from Windows 8. But what the iPad offered was why the Surface line was created. Surface devices from Microsoft always include an optional keyboard attached to convert your tablet into more laptops. Now the entire iPad lineup, except for the mini keyboard, looks much more surface than the iPad thanks to the native keyboard and pencil support.

every ipad wants to be a surface now

Apple released the cheapest 10.2-inch iPad on Tuesday. IPad (aka default) for consumers to buy. For only $ 329, the new 7th generation iPad is compatible with full-size smart keyboards and 1st generation Apple Pencil. With this change, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad all support smart keyboards for the first time. Apple launched its first iPad keyboard with the iPad Pro in 2015, and now launches the iPad lineup. The iPad Mini is a notable exception, but Smart Keyboards of that size may not work very well.

Changes matter, depending on where your iPad is located. For almost a decade, we had to choose a third-party keyboard on the primary iPad, and now Apple wants every iPad to work with the keyboard by default. Microsoft saw the keyboard opportunity for the iPad early, and the Surface was born out of the option to function as a laptop or tablet.

Most Surface owners will buy an optional keyboard because Windows is primarily an existing OS. Most iPad owners can say that they don't have a keyboard. Apple's latest iPad may not be enough to change overnight, but even if you consider the $ 160 price range of a smart keyboard that brings the basic keyboard cost closer to $ 500, it puts the tablet closer to Chromebooks and low-cost Windows laptops. .

every ipad wants to be a surface now

Apple clearly identified the target audience of iPads in the face of Android tablet competition by simply comparing the new iPad to the best-selling Windows laptops on stage yesterday. If you're considering a laptop or tablet, the $ 500 iPad (including the keyboard), which tries both, definitely puts pressure on Microsoft's Surface Go. Apple's entire 10.2-inch iPad site has advantages over computers.

Like Chrome OS, Apple's iPadOS is designed to be simple and secure while running the latest apps. This is a major advantage over cheap Windows-based laptops running legacy desktop apps. But if you're used to the freedom and power of desktop computing, iPad apps are still touch-only and relatively limited, which can be a disadvantage. Nevertheless, Apple is slowly trying to convince everyone that iPad Pro is a computer, thanks to keyboard support and ever-changing tasks and productivity. Thanks to the many always-connected mobile apps developed for the iPhone era, it's now much easier to get things done on the iPad.

It's clear that the iPad is getting bigger, with bigger changes in iPadOS coming later this month. Go to work like a laptop more than ever. Mouse support for the iPad is also available but is currently limited. Every big iPad supports a keyboard, so you know exactly where Apple will take this device in the future. The software that powers the iPad is steadily moving away from the roots of smartphones, and now the hardware is giving iPad fans a way to transform devices into devices other than tablets.

Microsoft and Apple are at the forefront of competition to deliver tablets that combine laptop work. Apple is catching up on the same side as laptops, and Microsoft is still going a long way to deal with the tablet environment. Apple's strengths are touch-friendly apps and simplified OSs for the iPad, and Microsoft is a 30-year traditional computing experience introduced in Windows.

The search for the perfect 2-in-1 device has been going on for almost 10 years. Now seems to be reachable. We'll take a closer look at how initiatives like iPadOS, Windows Lite, and even Chrome OS bridge the gap between tablets and PCs. One or several of these approaches will ultimately meet the needs of the majority.

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