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The mobile game Era of Legends is an MMORPG experience that has brought together a significant number of dedicated players in the last two months. The game showed high hopes quickly, as the release date of Era of Legends for mobile devices was in March 2019. Now, an extensive content of various guides and instructional material can be found online and we have tried to gather the best for beginner and advanced players.

Beginner's guide to the mobile game Era of Legends

New players who have experienced MMORPG before will quickly get used to the Era of Legends atmosphere. You hang out in a sanctuary where you see other players on your server while looking for partners to queue for some boss fights. Pretty simple and easy, really. The game offers a microtransaction system in the game that allows players to move quickly if they are willing to invest some real money, but if they are looking to play without all the expenses, there are several useful tips.

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Tips for playing without shopping in the game

  1. Hold on to your enchantment mats

This applies especially to the mats needed for enchantment, such as the Spessarite of Flames, Dragoneye, Lanling Stones and others. Anyway, they are not worth much to sell to a supplier, but you may feel the need to spend them from the beginning to improve your items. Do not! Save everything for half the game or the late game, because it will grow rapidly with the delighted team and it will be a waste.

  1. Expand your bag and bank

When you start playing the mobile game Era of Legends, you will advance quite quickly without any paid impulse. Once again, many precious articles and resources of the missions are granted from the beginning and you may feel the need to spend some to improve your statistics, equipment and others. Do not do this and, instead, expand the space of your bag and your banking space, and store everything useful that is used for something else, such as gems. Save all your gems!

  1. Don't try to compete with people who pay real money in Era of Legends

If you get hooked on the game and start enjoying it, you may feel the need to pay real money to compete with some high-level players that you can find or do not. You must remember that there are some very rich people who pay large amounts of cash in the games and that you cannot and should not compete with them. Instead, do your thing and if you want to spend something on the game, do it on your own.

  1. Do not make impulse purchases

As mentioned, from the beginning of the game you will get several rewards in the form of mats, items and other curiosities. Do not exchange with things you do not know what they are for. Again, save everything. You never know when something can grow in demand and also, you are much better investing all your components and mats in the final stage of the game when you can use it to the fullest.

Era of Legends Warrior

Era of Legends – Rising Combat Power tips [19659005] Team

The level system does not really work with the Era of Legends team as it does in other MMORPG. Of course, there is the rating system, with green, blue and purple elements, purple being the best quality presumably. At least, that's the way it is in most other games. However, in Era of Legends mobile, as you level up, sometimes you can have a blue element that is taller and is on par with purple, or even stronger. You can keep it and transfer statistics from purple to blue, which is another great feature in this game.

  1. Badge, cape and tabard

These three elements are placed at the bottom of your screen character's general description and are often ignored by many players. They are not easily found, that's for sure and players often leave these slot machines full with whatever quality of item they can find. Perhaps these three are awarded in some dungeons and missions, but the best quality for these items is in the Guild Workshop. Simply click on "Guild", then "Guild Made", and you will see what you can do and how much it costs. The items you make here have a high probability of being blue and a small chance of even being of purple quality.

  1. Gems

Gems are naturally very important and you should find out which ones you want to focus on for your class. As mentioned at the beginning, do not spend these trying to increase your power level if you are still in the game early or middle. Only spend these when you feel you have hit a wall with your current equipment and your power level, and you need to strengthen yourself to overcome the plateau.

Era of Legends MMORPG

  1. Charming

Again, after you arrive late or end of the game as it is called and you have reached a plateau, this is the time to enchant. But, again you must practice caution and spend consciously. The greatest value you will get from enchantments is probably with the enchantment of your weapon. Therefore, you should focus on obtaining a good weapon as a priority and then enchant it, and the rest of the team will follow on its own.

  1. Feed your family members

Family members are one of the main factors to boost your character. They provide an incredible amount of statistics, so try to spend time cultivating the ones you think are best suited for your class and role. Always feed them and turn them on. Here, you should not worry about saving materials, since if you level up a family member and decide that you want to use another, you can revive. After reviving, all your spent resources (Improve Food and Star-Up Starlight) will be refunded and you can start over with another one.

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