Epic removes all Infinity Blade games from the App Store

Infinity Blade a medieval combat / role-playing mobile game from Epic Games, is no longer available as developers have removed all three franchise items from Apple's App Store. Since the release of Infinity Blade III and the announcement that Epic and co-developer Chair Entertainment will announce the end of the planned trilogy for the third game in 2013, the series was dormant. However, Epic has been supporting games for the last half-century, and so far remains the same.

Epic said, "It's becoming increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards." If you own the game, you can download it again. You can use it on any device using your original purchased account. Epic stopped the in-app purchases, saying "games should be available in the near future."

Infinity Blade has been heavily focused on increasing the graphics fidelity of mobile games beyond the limitations of smartphone games using iOS and iPhone graphics chip customization. The game has been featured in Apple's keynote speech for many years, starting with the first game in 2010. It is an early evidence of an experience like a full-fledged console that you can now enjoy on your mobile.

Timing can not be a little more curious. Epic is currently the largest and most popular developer in the game industry, and has begun sailing to the top thanks to its massive battle royal games. Fortnite – A perfectly executed game on mobile, Infiniti Blade . The company has made hundreds of millions of dollars a month on all platforms and has begun competing with Valve 's Steam in the distribution of online gaming PC games.

As well as early today, he reported that Carl was in Fortyite as a melee weapon in the game . Teaser video Straight from Infinity Blade. Epic refers to the last line in his blog post, "Do not take your eyes off while we say goodbye."


Carl was mocked by the latest. Fortnite The weapon looks like a target. Infinity Blade Infinity sword.
Image: Epic Games

Epic seems to have money and resources to keep the Infine Blade alive if he wants to. However, Epic discontinued support for Fortnite or anything not related to the Unreal Engine game creation software.

Epic closed the League of Legends rival Paragon in January, citing the success of Fortnite and the need to focus on battle royal expansion. game. It was a clever move. Fortnite has become one of the largest and most profitable games to date. Last week, Epic again killed Unreal Tournament reboot. Fortnite and new projects reiterated the need to focus most of the company's resources to support the game. Infinity Blade While your fan takes priority here, we recommend that you discontinue support for games that are likely to involve almost all potential buyers who are already likely to make a purchase. If you do not already own the game, it is unlikely you have purchased it for five years. It would have been nice to pay some attention. I would not have to buy the second and third installments now because of the iPhone owner myself.

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