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Use of English Grammar Overview and Features and Test Pro v5.9.93

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Outline: ☆ English test and test pro ☆ ☆ ☆ Best way to improve the most suitable grammar and method for English grammar learning
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English grammar studies how words and words work together in English. The invisible power that we tie words together into sentences. Those who communicate using a particular language recognize the grammar of the language consciously or unconsciously.
The English grammar in use is a free app that has English grammar lessons and a test function for improving your English.
This app, your English grammar will be better. Always keep this application in your pocket.
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This application lets you learn grammar and test your English in the easiest way.
PS: This app is better to learn with BBC Study English, VOA Special English, UK Council, English conve.
+ Add chart to follow test results daily
+ Click to translate words.
New features:
+ Add listening classes