Energizer says it’s making phones with pop-up cameras, 18,000mAh batteries, and foldable displays

Energizer is not surprised by the simple fact that it sells smartphones, but this year Mobile World Congress will showcase 26 new models with key features such as pop-up cameras, 18,000mAh batteries and folding bags. And before you get an idea, be aware that they are all separate phones. (A phone with all three of these features is actually the scene). In fact, the silhouette of the pop-up camera model makes the phone look like a huge battery.

According to 9to5Google mobile phones are Power Max, Ultimate, Energy and Hard Case. Most of the 26 new models will be base feature phones that are part of the energy and hard case line. The PowerMax line will include an 18,000mAh model (the largest battery in the phone, Energizer's own 16,000mAh PowerMax P16K Pro), and the Ultimate Line phone will include features such as a pop-up camera and a Tear Notch display

The specifications of all phones are not yet known, but details of the ultimate phone can be found on the "Premium" line. The GSM Arena reported that Energizer Ultimate U620S Pop and U630S Pop operate on the P70 and P22 MediaTek Helio chipsets, respectively. Both products are equipped with dual pop-powered camera with 16MP main camera and 2MP depth sensor. The U620S Pop has a triple camera (16MP, 5MP and 2MP) with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space on the back. The U630S Pop has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space and will be available in June.

I do not have a photo of the 18,000mAh battery model or collapsible smartphone, but I think the foldable smartphone is more like Royole's "glamorous" Flexpai line than Samsung's expected folding phone

The phone has been selling low-spec phones for many years under the Avenir Telecom Energizer license, an unknown brand such as Avenir, a state-of-the-art display phone with a pop-up camera design

Energizer knows more when it first launches a phone in the MWC that starts on February 25.

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