Elon Musk says that Teslas will soon be able to stream Netflix and YouTube

Elon Musk has long promoted the potential of car screens in Teslas for drivers: they can not only provide information, but also entertainment. To that end, he says cars will soon be able to stream videos from Netflix and YouTube.

Tesla has already presented games that drivers can play on screens: in June, Bethesda Studios announced at E3 that drivers could play Fallout Shelter. Tesla also released Cuphead and some classic Atari games, such as Tempest, Pole Position and Missile Command . On Friday, the company revealed that drivers could play chess at Tesla Arcade.

Games only work while the car is parked, and players can use the steering wheel as a controller. The same is the case here, although Musk notes that when regulators approve automatic driving, Tesla will allow passengers to stream videos while the car is in motion. Musk did not reveal a timeline for feature deployment.

The desire to allow drivers and passengers to watch the video is not a total surprise: Musk noted at E3 that the ability to watch YouTube I was arriving. Until now, the screen is not compatible with HTML5, so such a feature is not possible in cars at this time, although an owner found a way around it.

The ability to catch up on Netflix's queue or to play a video game in the car has some appeal to anyone who has been trapped waiting in a car for a child's practice or trapped on a long car trip with them. (There is a reason why some minivans come with television screens). And when cars can eventually be driven alone, passengers will want to do something while traveling to their destination.

But there is a great concern that would come with any of these characteristics. Test vehicles are required to have a driver behind the wheel to take control in case something goes wrong, and even as the self-driving technology improves, it is hard to imagine leaving completely. There was also a high profile incident in which television was a problem: a fatal accident in 2017 between an Uber vehicle and a pedestrian, in which the car test driver was watching The Voice in Hulu .

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