Elon Musk is going to trial for calling a cave diver a pedophile on Twitter

A defamation case involving Tesla CEO Elon Musk and a British cave diver will go to trial on October 22, according to recent court filings. Vernon Unsworth sued Musk for defamation last year after Musk repeatedly accused Unsworth of being a pedophile. A judge rejected Musk's claim that he was not making an actual accusation, in part because of a potentially damning email that Musk sent to BuzzFeed. "A reasonable investigator could easily conclude that [Elon Musk’s] statements … implicit claims of an objective fact," District Judge Stephen V. Wilson wrote.

Musk and Unsworth had a brief dispute last year after Rescue of a soccer team that was trapped in a cave in Thailand. Unsworth, who helped with the rescue operation, criticized Musk's dubious plan to save the team with a "submarine the size of a child." Musk insulted Unsworth by calling him "boy on Twitter" on Twitter. It was doubled by the insult to tweet "betting on a signed dollar is true", then further elaborated in emails to BuzzFeed – affirming flatly that Unsworth had moved to Thailand "for a childish girlfriend of The age of defamation does not apply to opinions or derogatory hyperbole, and Judge Wilson came to the conclusion that Musk's case would be stronger if I just tweeted an insult, but Musk "did not call [Unsworth] a & # 39; type fart & # 39; and he left it there, "writes Wilson." Rather, he made follow-up statements that indicated he believed his statements were true. "That included e-mails to BuzzFeed where Musk" intended to convey real events and even He suggested that the BuzzFeed reporter calls people in Thailand to confirm his narrative. "

The decision does not mean that Musk is guilty, but that Unsworth's case is strong enough to merit judgment A pretrial conference will be held on October 7. This will not be the first time Musk goes to court for some bad tweets, and recently resolved a separate lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Who accused him of making deceptive financial statements on Twitter.

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