Elizabeth Warren introduces bill that could hold tech execs responsible for data breaches

On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) introduced a new measure that could easily convict corporate executives of crimes when US personal data was compromised.

The Corporate Executive Accountability Act is another concern for Warren. Warren has focused on Presidential campaigns for corporate and leader landowners who are responsible for market dominance and corruption. The bill will expand criminal responsibility for corporate (negligent) executives (more than $ 1 billion) when committed to commit crimes, repeatedly breach federal law, or harm many Americans through civil rights violations. Their privacy.

"When a criminal on the road steals money from his wallet, he goes to jail." If a small business owner cheats on a customer, they go to jail, "Warren wrote on Washington Post published on Wednesday morning . "However, corporate executives in large companies often have to pay millions of dollars in damages to oversee huge frauds that hurt tens of thousands of people."

One of Warren's first important policy proposals is to focus on Big Tech's market forces. Fit. It is run by companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple, who suggested that if they were elected president, they would dismantle companies through antitrust laws. For years, discussions on amendments to the US antitrust laws have primarily focused on academics in technology, but Warren pushed the debate into mainstream policy debate and the 2020 electoral cycle.

Warren did not equally define that his company could trick millions of people and imprison a child with pot-ounces in prison while a wealthy cadre could receive a bonus. "Personal responsibility is the only way for a company's executives to think twice before they ignore the law. It's time to make real change without making excuses."

Management can be imprisoned for the first offense Subsequent violations may take up to three years.

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