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Elemental Dungeon is a new and interesting roguelike dungeon tracker that expands greatly in the genre, and does so with its experimental game features. The main trap he uses is the combination of the elements to produce various skill effects or spells, but even beyond this, the game expands on the familiar genre combination and pushes the skill bar even higher. The title seems interesting even at first glance, but just below the surface awaits a whole world of possibilities …

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Development and reception

TBG LIMITED offers this title for both Android and iOS. This editor supports titles such as Ash of Gods: Tactics, Zombie Haters, Heroes of Magic – Card Battle, Tap Civilization and others. On Google Play, Elemental Dungeon Android has reached more than 8k votes so far and has a clean 4-star rating, with positive comments. In the iTunes App Store, Elemental Dungeon iOS is number 165 in Adventure, and has 4.5 stars, although only a couple of hundred votes so far.

The game also won the Tencent Games Innovation Contest Silver Medal for the best new games in 2018, was a finalist in the 2018 Indie Prize Awards and was included in the Official Selection of China Joy 2019 and WePlay 2018. [19659009] History

As with most dungeon crawlers, the story is quite simple. You play as an aspiring adventurer, choose the name and embark on the journey of discovering and learning new skills. An old wizard introduces you to the world and points you to the constantly changing dungeons you need to get through and clean all enemies.


It is in this aspect that the game really shines. The Elemental Dungeon game is classified as a roguelike adventure that creeps through the dungeons, but the mechanics are completely innovative and unique. As the game title suggests, you play with elementals, combining them into powerful spells and abilities. This still does not sound as if he described enough the depth he can reach by mastering the skills.]

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That is, he can pick up different items throughout his travels, choosing only to keep three of them. Those are Earth, Fire and Water. Each of them provides you with some basic skills, such as throwing fireballs, water shields, putting out fire and creating barricades from the ground. But, they can also be combined with each other to produce up to 6 spell combinations. For example, Fire and Earth give you the meteor shower spell. In addition, you can also learn new spells from the scrolls and updating the elements.

Elemental Dungeon 2

However, and this is where the game asks you for your skill, you just cling to a selected item or a combination of items while mixing them while going. As soon as you release the transmission button, the elements return to their original form, or at least to the basic form you own. You can also use the essence to improve your elements, producing even greater spells and different manifestations. All these, as explained, are mixed on the fly, while dodging projectiles and fighting monsters, giving the game an incredibly dangerous pace and a high skill limit.


Like all good roguelike games, 2D pixel art is the way to go, and Elemental Dungeon forces it. It gives the game a certain simple but misleading aspect. In addition, the animations, spells and the overall feeling of the game are quite old, reminiscent of fan favorites, namely the Zelda 2D games. And, in addition to the old days we all love and remember, it is a challenge like hell.

Elemental Dungeon 5


The Elemental Dungeon mobile game offers random dungeons in a roguelike environment where the player needs to master innovative game mechanics to achieve full title experience. It is deceptively simple with its 2D pixel art, but it actually offers a fairly high skill limit and infinite reproducibility. It's free and offers attractive multiplayer modes to test your skill and strategy. In general, it is a challenge with a highly rewarding experience.





A challenge with a highly rewarding experience.

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