Edge, Internet Explorer users Czech their settings after MSN

Something strange happened to the diminishing population of Edge users this morning when their browser started speaking to them in a variety of languages.

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft's Edge support forums quickly filled up with customers complaining that the browser language had mysteriously changed. Surprising because, frankly, we don't think there were so many Edge users out there.

Hell, at the time of writing a topic he had accumulated 143 visits and 19 replies. Who knew?

The problem seemed to be related to the default feeds on a new page, and the key to remember here is that in the original Microsoft Edge browser, and also in the venerable Internet Explorer, those default values ​​tend to show MSN feeds

After some tweaking here at Vulture Central, we found a machine with Windows 10 1903 (build 18362.356) that exhibited the behavior. Open the old Edge: everything appeared in Czech. Internet Explorer – Czech again.

If we wanted to know the weather in Central Bohemia, IE was happy to please him.

However, then we tried something a little off the wall and fired a copy of the Brave Chromium-based, sailed to MSN.com and voila! Czech one more time.

However, when browsing a competitor's site, such as Yahoo.com, he showed the page in English. Like MSN.co.uk.

It is understandable that users have panicked because their browser takes a vacation abroad (some have reported Arabic and Russian and a reader Reg told us that their browser had become Polish), But the problem (at least in regards to MSN) is to click on the gear in the upper right of the web page and select the correct language from a drop-down menu.

The problem since then seems to have been resolved. [19659002] Microsoft has not yet commented on this, nor on why only a small subset of users was affected and what changed to cause the behavior. If they do, we will make sure to update this piece.

Meanwhile, our advice would be to click on that configuration and take into account your language.

Thanks to the anonymous reader Register for the tip. ®

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