Eco-friendly ways of recycling old inkjet and toner cartridges.

Worn toner and inkjet cartridges tend to accumulate quickly, especially if you print a lot. You have probably refilled and reused your inkjet and toner cartridges enough times, and they should be discarded. It's great that you've chosen to recycle instead of throwing them in the normal trash. Recycling used cartridges maintains a safe environment by reducing waste that ends up in landfills and the need for incineration. Also, you can earn extra money while doing it. Below are some ecological recycling options that you can consider.

Genuine ink and toner cartridges

Recycling in stores

The most convenient place to recycle is where you buy! A good number of ink and toner cartridge manufacturers have official recycling programs. They have partnerships with major retailers of large boxes and selected local office supply stores. Each of these stores has established cartridge recycling bins or recycling stations that accept waste ink and toner cartridges.

Depending on the store's policy, there may be an incentive to deliver used cartridges. The next time you go out to look for new cartridges, remember to take the spent ones to recycle. Alternatively, you can prepare your spent cartridges for collection when your local supplier makes new deliveries. Since not all stores accept all types of cartridges, contact the store for more details.

Use online recycling programs and facilities

Recycling can be a complicated process, but many manufacturers of ink and toner cartridges have simplified the process. As part of their corporate social responsibility, manufacturers have established online recycling programs. With a few clicks on various cartridge manufacturing websites, you will find recycling programs.

These programs include, among others, the HP Partners Program, Epsons Ink Recycling and Canon Cartridge Recycling. You can return the spent cartridge to the nearest return locations, as indicated on their websites. Still, you can request a prepaid return envelope and publish the used cartridge. Manufacturers pay the cost of transportation.

The other online recycling program for green cartridges is using You go to the website, choose the material you want to recycle, enter your zip code and a list of recycling centers will appear around you. Choose the most convenient and ready place of delivery. In addition, you can use the website to dispose of other recyclable items in your home or office safely.

Use designated recycling bins

If you are in energy saving mode, or the recycling programs mentioned above do not fit into your busy schedule, make use of recycling bins. In addition to regular trash cans, most streets, schools, offices or even homes have a recycling bin. The containers are placed next to the primary garbage containers for convenience. For greater visual clarity, the recycling cans come in different colors and will mostly detect the universal recycling logo or symbol. Depending on the amount of recycling bins and the recycling rules at home, school or office, you may need to separate recyclable waste. So that metal, plastic, paper, glass, etc., are placed in different containers.

How to recycle and receive payment

Select online and offline stores that provide incentives for each empty or used cartridge you deliver. Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depot have partnered with cartridge manufacturers to collect used cartridges for recycling. Here is a guide on how to make the most of it.

  1. Contact your nearest bix box dealer or office supply store to find out the ink used and the toner cartridge they accept, how often you can recycle and the incentive for each spent cartridge you deliver.
  2. Sign up for the store's rewards program . In order to qualify for such spent cartridge incentives, most stores will require you to be a registered member of your customer reward program. Other stores will need you to spend a certain amount of money in your stores or be a periodic buyer. Look where you fit.
  3. Collect the acceptable number of spent ink and toner cartridges and arrange delivery to the store. Depending on the payment policy of the store, you will receive your dollars or credits at the store.

Recycling programs and rewards in the store require that you go to the store in person. If that doesn't work for you, you can opt for websites that buy back spent cartridges. Here is how to do it.

  1. Perform a quick online search of websites that buy back spent cartridges. A website like Dazz Cycle is a good choice.

    eco friendly ways of recycling old inkjet and toner cartridges

  2. From the home page, touch cartridges and empty values ​​accepted You will have a drop-down menu showing the mark , the status and quantity of used cartridges they buy back, along with the price of each used cartridge.

    eco friendly ways of recycling old inkjet and toner cartridges

    [19659015] Confirm if the site has a delivery location near you. Otherwise, follow the shipping / shipping instructions . You can request prepaid shipping or mailing packaging . Most websites cover the cost of transportation.

  3. Collect spent cartridges ready for recycling, pack them safely, go to and ship.

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  4. Once you submit your package, payment will be made in accordance with the payment policy.

Packing cartridges for safe shipping

The spent ink and toner cartridges must reach the recipient in good condition. Badly packaged or damaged cartridges may generate a fee. Below are safe packaging guidelines for spent ink cartridges.

  1. Replace each used cartridge in its original boxes . If you lost the box, secure each cartridge with a bubble bag, a newspaper or a ziplock bag. This is to prevent spills or leaks. Fit each cartridge wrapped in a larger shipping box, leaving no space for the cartridges to bounce back and forth during shipping.
  2. To avoid additional charges, do not exceed the required number of empty cartridges, and the total weight of each shipping box. Recheck the requirements set by the recycling company.
  3. When sending ink and toner cartridges in the same mail box pack the ink cartridges in a separate, smaller box. As the toner cartridges are heavier, they must first go, followed by the smaller ink cartridge box.
  4. Secure the shipping box with adhesive tape.

Today, manufacturers of ink and toner cartridges have made the recycling process less complicated. The higher the demand for ink and toner cartridges, the more recycling becomes essential. Find an option that is convenient for you and make it a routine: Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Our top original cartridges

HP offers a wide range of ink cartridges. The HP 62 tri-color black ink cartridge is a two-pack ink cartridge; Black and tricolor. It is designed to create impressive text and image prints.

The genuine Brother TN-450 toner cartridge is a high yield toner. Pairing it with compatible Brother printers cannot fail.

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